Getting our homes and schools organized, is always a top priority. I am always tweaking and refining the systems in our home that make things run smoothly. We need organizational tools that will get our days started peacefully, keep our homeschool clicking along, and stop our homes from imploding with stuff. 

Let’s hash this issue out together. I’ve got a round up of organizational tools that will help you get your home and school organized. Guaranteed.Game changing tools for home organization

Organizational Tools for your Routines

When I feel frazzled, the first place I start is looking at my routines. The rhythm of our days has vastly changed over the years. Not because changed, but because my season of life and motherhood changed. Besides your season of life I also say to look at the season of the year. In winter, things are naturally slower, quieter. In summer, naturally we are outdoors more and our rhythms change again.

I love talking about rhythms and routines of the seasons. It’s actually my secret to sanity.

Want to know my secret to staying sane as a homeschooling mom of four kids? Seasonal routines. Here's what I mean...

Summer is the most relaxed of all our yearly seasons. But I know it needs to balance between structure and freedom.  (By the way, we do so love our summer vacations.  Here’s 94 ways we love it.)

Setting up a Fool-proof Morning Routine

Getting into a good groove in the morning is one of the most important parts of my day. When I get off to a bad start, it’s really difficult for me to turn it back around. It can be done! But it’s much easier to start off on the right foot.

Problem is, I can be really lazy. So I needed a Lazy Girl’s Guide to getting up early. 

Need a guide to getting up early? Are you a little bit lazy? Ya, me too. Here's my lazy girl's guide to getting up earlier.

My morning routine is so important to me that in fact, it can save my sanity. 

What does a good morning routine look like? That is such a personal question. We are all so different. For me, I have some musts for a successful morning routine. 

Getting your home in order

More than anything, I think we make things harder than they need to be. When I feel overwhelmed, the first thing I try to do is simplify. I’m a simple girl. I use simple systems.  Simple makes me thrive. Here’s 10 ways to make things simpler in 10 minutes or less…you can thank me later.

One of my biggest tips for keeping your home organized is to get everyone on board. We don’t do chore charts. We don’t give allowance for making the bed. But everyone pitches in. We try to make the calm and order the prize and it seems to work for our family. 

Your Goals: What’s Most Important to You?

Overall, I think the most important thing is figuring out this: What is most important to YOU?

Not your mother.

Not your best pal.

But you. 

How do you thrive? What prevents you from having the order in your home you want to have? Finding the answers to those questions and then setting goals accordingly is my biggest way to wrap my brain around what to do next.

How’s that for a head start in getting your home organized? Don’t try to do it all at once. Add in one new thing and perfect that for a few weeks. Then move on to the next thing and work on perfecting that. Perfecting meaning, perfect for YOU!

If you’re looking for more home organization ideas, here’s a few more:

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