Over At Alicia’s Episode Eight: A Day-Changing Evening Routine

I’ve always heard…and learned the hard way that a great morning starts with a great evening routine. It’s hard for me to implement sometimes because I looooove my quiet evenings and I usually don’t want them to end. So I curl up with Pinterest or Instagram or my current favorite Flix show and veg. But as good as it feels at the moment, it doesn’t help my next morning go any better.

Night Owls, ask yourself: How important is it??

The project you want to eek out late at night with no interruptions. The next episode of Handmaid’s. One more chapter of your book.

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Is it as important as your beauty rest?

Sometimes, the answer is yes! Sometimes I’ve been on a deadline and I wake up tired the next day, but SO happy that the project is DONE! But I still pay for it because I’m tired the next day…always a pay off.

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Episode 8 is all about how we can make these decisions in our evening, do a few simple things to make our next day go smoother.

Over at Alicia’s Episode Eight: A Day-Changing Evening Routine

3 Simple Things I’m Working on for a Better Evening Routine

  • Set a timer thirty minutes before I want to go to bed, to remind myself that it’s time to get ready for bed and to take my nighttime multimineral supplement.
  • Get the kids to bed a little earlier, at least settled into their rooms and reading.
  • The iPhone screen time update also has a downtime setting that I am using to turn my phone down in the evening until the next morning.

Little Things to do in the Evening to make the Next Day Go Smoother

  • Take my nighttime supplement and do my evening routine to get my mind and body ready for sleep (shower, reading, etc).
  • Get coffee ready before bed.
  • Clean up the kitchen and do the dirty dishes.
  • Prepare my morning smoothie the night before, then pop it in the fridge so it’s ready for me to blend in the morning.
  • Tidy up the living spaces.
  • Set out any special school stuff that we need to get to the next morning and the kids morning boxes, so they can get started on their own.
  • Make a list for the next day of thing that we need to get done.

Look at the calendar so we don’t miss something or rushed in the morning.

Fab Four Smoothie

Check out these great Fab Four Smoothie recipes.  I’ve been using this vanilla protein powder and loving the boost it gives me each morning! Sleep Research

Here’s a few links I found interesting for better sleep concerning your phone and screens.

Continued Reading for Morning + Evening Routines

Currently List:

Reading: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien

Excited for: New wallpaper in our basement  from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia!

Relieved by: Fall Meal Planning

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  1. Love your podcast! :). Did you link to the nighttime supplement somewhere? I’m an insomniac and am always looking for help in the sleep department. Thanks, Alicia!

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