Over At Alicia’s Episode Seven: My Messy Morning Routine

This might not be the morning routine podcast you’re looking for. See, my morning routine right now is not going great. I actually almost scrapped doing this episode all together. But I think it’s important to share the things that I AM doing well, as well as the things I’m NOT.

In this episode, I’m sharing what’s going wrong in my morning routine and a few ways I want to work on it. The tips in this show are simple, but if you’re in a morning funk too, I sure hope this helps you, as it’s helping me so much to talk through it with you.

Have a listen here and keep scrolling for the show notes:

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Over At Alicia’s: My Messy Morning Routine

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Why my messy morning routine is throwing off my days:

  • I’m missing a dedicated hour to fill myself up for the day first thing in the morning, instead I’m working from behind.
  • Everyone in the house is slower moving and wants to sit under blankets instead of getting ready for the day.  My kids feed off my energy and when I’m in my pajamas, reading my phone when they wake up – it gives the idea that it must be a lazy day.
  • The day gets away from us and we don’t get started on school work early enough before the busy afternoons.  Then the time spent on school is rushed to check it off the list.

3 Simple Things to Improve My Mornings:

  • Get my kids to bed earlier – when the kids stay up later I stay up later to hangout with them, chat before bed, then spend some time in the quiet of evening by myself.  Then I’m sleeping in.  If they’re in bed earlier reading or whatever, I can get some quiet time earlier, get to bed earlier, and still get the eight hours of sleep my body needs.
  • Get dressed before my kids – when I’m up and ready for the day, the kids get the message that we’re ready for the day.  We’re ready to get down to business.  It also helps our afternoons not be rushes when we need to get out the door for activities, I’m not running around getting ready at the last minute.
  • Have the kids get dressed + do morning chores before the come downstairs in the morning – getting dressed and ready for the day makes us get moving.  They can take some time to wake up, wash their faces, get dressed, do their chores, etc.  Once breakfast is done, everyone is ready to get started on their schoolwork at the same time instead of everyone running in a million directions to get dress or do chores.
  • No cellphone for the first hour of the day – I loved Jim Kwik’s video, below, about how starting your day on your phone sets you up for being distracted for the rest of the day.  If you plan to wake up an hour before your kids, the first hour of the day can be controlled by you to help you set your day up for success and fill yourself up before you get going for the day.

Have something ready to look forward to in the morning.  Have your coffee timer set with your favorite cup close by,  have your journal and favorite pen sitting out waiting for you, and have some favorite books ready to read.  Fill yourself up with  something that works for you, whatever that is.

Great Resources to Help with Morning Routines:

Morning Devotionals I Recommend:

Alicia’s Currently List for Episode 7:

  • Eating:  Pumpkin Maple Pecan Granola from The Minimalist Baker
  • Deeply Appreciating:  My Family – I have some really amazing family and extended family that are so encouraging and care so deeply for me.
  • Excited For:  Anniversary Family Getaway – exploring the lighthouses, Lake Superior, and peaceful time to connect as a family.

Other Notes:

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  1. I just listened to this podcast and have NEVER commented on a post, but this one hit home! It was like you have been watching my family over the last two months, specifically with our morning “routine”. I have a sixteen-year old, ten-year old and three-year old and I am struggling to meet the needs of all of them. I love homeschooling, but I am looking for routine and motivation. I just had a discussion with some friends last week that I need to quit saying “we are really busy right now” and adjust to the idea that this is our life. We do say no to many outside things, but we probably need to say it more. Thank you for sharing & for all of your recommendations! I am loving your podcast!

  2. I am a new to homeschooling mom and I cannot express how wonderful this podcast is! I needed to hear that I am not alone in my difficulties. It was like you have been to my home and witnessed my mess of a morning. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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