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Get encouragement delivered straight to your home with Learning Well Journal, the quarterly print magazine that will

equip and encourage your homeschool journey, the long days of motherhood, and your walk as a Christian homemaker.


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Why You'll Love It

We know well that homeschooling does not just involve books. Homeschooling is a lifestyle. The pages of Learning Well Journal will enrich your homeschool, but they will also speak to all the areas of your life that make it so beautiful. 


Iron sharpening iron: each issue is based around Scripture and written from a Christian worldview. 


From babies to teens and intentional parenting to family fun night ideas. 


Inspiration for meals and organization. Ideas to create a home of peace and calm. 


Written in collaboration with parents with dozens of years of homeschooling experience. Little ones through high school.

The thing I love most about this magazine is that I get to hold it in my hands. I love being able to flip the pages, and bookmark recipes and ideas. It’s done so beautifully, and I can feel Jesus at the center of it all. My Learning Well Journal sits displayed on my coffee table. It leaves me encouraged and inspired, from my younger preschooler to my almost middle schooler.  - Taylor, mom of 3, TX

Learning Well Journal organizes all aspects of motherhood into a beautiful work of art, inspiring and encouraging mothers from all stages of their homeschooling journey to do the jobs that God has tasked us with. This will be a resource you will want to keep for years to come. - Annie, mom of 3, SD

How It Works

  • Each quarter, you will receive a new issue of Learning Well Journal. New subscribers will receive the FALL 2024 issue.
  • Choose either an ANNUAL ($65) or QUARTERLY ($18) subscription option
  • New issues will ship out the first week of December, March, June, and September
  • Gift subscriptions are available for your favorite homeschool friends + family

Quarterly Issues:

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Meet Alicia

They always tell you to enjoy these days with our children, because they go by so fast, but I didn't fully believe it until my oldest graduated from high school. It does really go so so fast, but my goodness is it a beautiful ride!

Now, more than ever, I want to help homeschool families slow down, create a haven at home that looks entirely different than our fast-paced world, and live intentionally. 

Learning Well Journal is for you if...

You're Struggling to Stay Focused

The world is crazyyyy, we understand! Part of the reason we created LWJ is to help mamas see what they actually CAN control. We'll help you pinpoint the little things you can do every day to help your home feel more calm and focused.

You Spend Too Much Time On Your Phone

So much of our daily life is spent on a screen. We'd like to change that. Yes to paper. Yes to more screen-free activities. Yes to print. 

You Want More Intentional Family Time

Life seems to speed by at the speed of light, doesn't it?! The last thing we want to do is let it speed by without real, intentional time spent together making memories as a family. We take great care in making sure each article helps you be more intentional with your family.

Your Home + Homeschool Need a Boost of Joy

Each issue of LWJ is packed with tried and true info and ideas from seasoned homeschool parents. Need dinner inspiration? Done! Need ideas to bring some joy back to your homeschool? You got it! Need help with organization? You're covered!

What's Inside Each Issue? 

Each issue of of Learning Well Journal will be fresh and new, and each one will look a little bit different. The issues are crafted to include rich, practical, and lovely content that will enrich your life at home. You can expect to see the following in each issue:

  • Every issue is based around a verse in Scripture
  • Articles on faith, family, home, and learning
  • Recipes and Organization for Home and Homeschool
  • Mini Unit Studies you can do with your kids in an afternoon
  • Tips and Encouragement on homeschooling and parenting teens
  • Monthly Idea Lists of family fun suggestions, activities to try, and more
  • a Man to Man page, written by homeschooling dads
  • Book Reviews based on the season and quarterly theme
  • A Day in the Life feature of a homeschooling parent, just like you

What People Are Saying

"Learning Well Journal is beautiful, encouraging, and practical. I love having a resource that I can actually hold and ponder over!"

~Kristen, mom of 2

"This is an excellent resource to meet us where we are at, regardless of the age and stage of our children. I am a mother of elementary, middle school and high school students and find myself flagging multiple excellent ideas to come back to in the future."

~Jen M.

"This is the magazine every homeschooler needs to get their hands on! The beautiful pages are full of Godly encouragement to homeschooling families. Activities, favorite books, crafts, recipes, Bible verses, and encouraging articles–this magazine is a breath of fresh air to the weary soul."

~Melissa, mom of 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Well Journal certainly looks beautiful, but will it also be functional for me?

Absolutely! We put great thought into each and every article that goes into our issues. Our intention is for this magazine to be a resource that you keep forever. We hope you will refer back to it time and time again throughout your homeschooling journey, or maybe share it with another homeschooling mom. The beautiful nature of Learning Well Journal is an added benefit because we value beauty and we know you do too.

Can I give Learning Well Journal as a gift?

Please do! Learning Well Journal would make a lovely gift for any mom that desires to connect family, faith, home and learning. We offer a free downloadable certificate to print out and give to your recipient. Check out this blog post that offers great suggestions on how to gift it!

I am no longer homeschooling young children. Will this magazine be useful for those of us homeschooling teenagers?

Yes! We are intentionally adding ideas and articles pertaining to the teenage years into each issue. We know that for many this time of homeschooling in entered with some hesitation and concern. Our goal is to bring practical content to your home in a way that spurs you on in your relationship with your teens.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We are currently shipping to the USA and Canada. And we will be adding more international shipping soon!

Can you purchase individual issues or do I need to pay for a full year subscription?

We have two subscription options at this time. Our yearly subscription is a one time $65 charge for four issues. We also offer a quarterly subscription for $18 per quarter and your payment method will be charged quarterly. We do plan on having a limited supply of back issues for sale in the near future.

Is there a digital option?

So many hours of our lives are spent on screens. We intentionally designed Learning Well Journal to be a print only magazine. We want to encourage moms to take a break, sit down with a cup of coffee, and savor the words that have been so thoughtfully written and curated just for them.

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