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September is like the “new” New Year in a way.  It just seems like the appropriate time to restructure what’s not working in your daily routines, revamp your home systems and get your house cleaned up.  I’ve been all over it and I’ve been loving it. The one place that I really worked hard to revamp was my own morning routine–not the kids’ as much–but mine.

Because my bad habits adapted through moving and then moving again was literally putting me into a deep funk.

I could feel it settling in–the feeling you get when you’re just completely unmotivated, nothing is very exciting–dare I say it?

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Yes, your morning routine can totally make you depressed.  I am here to testify.

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My New Morning Routine is Saving My Sanity.


After we moved, I found myself totally overwhelmed with unpacking, house projects that had to be done, spring/summer busyness, kids of all ages, and just life in general.  I slumped into staying up way too late, falling asleep still feeling behind and then being woken up to kids in the kitchen digging for cereal.  Not a good feeling to wake up feeling overwhelmed.

August brought a definite feeling of urgency to get my sh*t together before school started in just a few weeks.  So I did.  Well, I don’t know if I’ll ever have my sh*t together completely (I won’t hold my breath), but I’ve gotten way better these last few weeks than peeling myself out of the sheets at 8:30am to Cheerios on the floors and Timothy the Tiger on the TV.

Morning Routines are important…

I shared on Periscope exactly what I did to change my morning routine and how it’s saving me now, but here’s a few of the highlights:

  • My kids sleep later than a lot of kids–till about 8am–but I realized to get everything accomplished that I wanted to in the morning, I needed to get up by 6am.
  • I needed a clear plan of what I wanted to accomplish in the morning to set me up for a great day.  Those things were:
    • a few quiet moments alone
    • a big glass of water before coffee
    • throwing in a load of wash right away
    • a quick workout (like, 30 minutes, tops)
    • getting dressed and make up on
    • a few minutes to drink coffee, make my to-do list, and check some emails
  • I set my phone alarm and leave it on the kitchen counter so I have to get up to shut it of.  No snoozing.
  • I realized that it’s probably never going to be easy to wake up early for me, but I just have to do it!
  • The key for me for feeling ready for the day is being dressed and ready before my kids get up.  Realizing how important this was for me was a total game-changer.  Knowing why doing certain things helps us is really so motivating.
  • I also took Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings course. It was SO good for me. It helped me put things in perspective and really just DO it!
Here’s the replay of the Scope I did on my morning routine…



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