You know your job at home as a wife, mom and homeschooler is important, but you also feel really small sometimes, like the daily monotony doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning.

You’re teaching your kids at home, trying to balance all the things and it’s harder than you thought.

What is the point of teaching your kids the same things over and over each day, doing the same chores over and over, especially when it feels like nobody’s listening or even paying attention??

But it does have meaning. All of it does.

Alicia Hutchinson

Because I believe, like Mother Theresa said, that if we want to change the world, we need to love our families first and that as moms we have the opportunity and the power to change the world for the better.

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“[Learning Well] is a wonderful community full of tips and encouragement and inspiration for this great journey that is homeschooling.” -@thecleeclan

“This community has inspired me and I am so blessed by it!” -Kristen

“Thank you Alicia, for all that you do. You have been a huge help to me as I feel my way through this adventure.” -Kate T.

Alicia Hutchinson

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Imagine living life as Mom knowing your purpose, knowing you can take on the day because you have simplified the clutter, said NO to the unnecessaries and you find JOY in the daily grind?!

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Alicia Hutchinson

Meet Alicia

I’m Alicia Hutchinson and I have struggled a lot in my motherhood + homeschool journey wondering what it’s all about. But one day while I was doing the dishes, I remembered the quote by Mother Theresa–If you want to change the world, go home and love your family–and it struck me.

So many days I was feeling sorry for myself like my life didn’t have any great depth or purpose “just” being a homeschool mom. But I realized at that moment that the greater span of what we as mothers do on a day-to-day basis is so much more than just dirty dishes and carpooling.

I still struggle with mom life + homeschooling some days, just like you do too. But that doesn’t mean we’re doing something wrong…it just means we’re doing something hard.

Alicia Hutchinson

It’s taken a long time to change my way of thinking, but after feeling like I wasn’t good enough one too many times, I finally realized the importance of having a plan, holding it loosely, and wisely shifting it when life happens. Being at home doing school and life all day is MESSY! I know now that amidst the messy I can still create a rich and beautiful home + education for my kids and do it with confidence.

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I am soaking up all the info and I’m loving it. It keeps me going and encouraged. I am new to my town so I don’t know anybody yet and I feel alone, and so I get my encouragement/advice from you!


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