50+ Homeschool Curriculum Reviews to Help you Make the Best Purchase

For me, reading homeschool curriculum reviews has helped so much over the years to make the best purchases. As a longtime homeschool blogger, I’ve had the chance to write dozens of curriculum reviews. These reviews are always a pleasure to do and I am honest in sharing how the product has worked for our family or how it has not.

Below you will find all the homeschool curriculum reviews I’ve written arranged by subject. I hope these help you make better curriculum purchases too!

Looking for a way to make better purchases on your homeschool curriculum this year? Here are more than 50 homeschool curriculum reviews to help you decide!

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews for You!

Writing + Language Curriculum Reviews

Writing can be one of the hardest subjects to teach in your homeschool. I want to share a resource that has been teaching my kids to love to write!

Writing can be one of the hardest subjects to teach in your homeschool. We’ve tried a lot of different approaches–both from very laid-back to very stringent–and we have settled on something this year that is the perfect mix of both for us.

I recently noticed my kids needing more structure both in their writing practices and their grammar.

We picked up our tried-and-true Daily Grammar, that we have used from the beginning. But we needed something for my 6th grader to learn about different writing styles in a structured–but fun way. I also wanted her to start getting more comfortable writing her own stories and reports. WriteShop Jr. Review…

Editor in Chief workbooks for your high schooler

Planning language arts for your homeschooled high schooler--high school grammar.

Our high school language arts was missing vocabulary. Word Roots 2 has been the answer for us. Here's our review.

We've been using WriteShop II for our main writing curriculum for 9th grade this year. Here's my WriteShop review for you!

Need a great way to easily sneak in great vocabulary words into your homeschool day? Check out this review on Marie's Words, a visual vocabulary tool for kids of all ages.

Science and Nature Curriculum Reviews

Is Kiwi Co worth the money? Are the Kiwi Co creates good quality? Do kids really enjoy these boxes? All this and more in my totally honest Kiwi Co review!

Is Kiwi Co worth the money? Are the Kiwi Co creates good quality? Do kids really enjoy these boxes? Let’s talk about all this and more in my totally honest Kiwi Co review!

When I tell people we use Kiwi Co as a big part of our science this year, they immediately follow with the previous questions. They want to know about the money aspect, the quality, if kids actually like them, and what to do with all the projects when you’re done with them! READ THE REVIEW…

Creating a simple bee unit study for your kids can be so easy and fun! Read on for our simple tips and ideas of how to study bees together!

Today, I cannot wait to share about a recent bee unit study we did in our homeschool. Studying science with my kids is not my forte. But I love studying nature with my kids. I also love being able to focus on one topic and really dive deep–this is why I love unit studies.

With my first grader, I am loving re-discovering all the fun things I did with my now older kids. And I am also loving all the fun, new resources that have cropped up since I last had a first grader!

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to receive some amazing resources from a nature company I already knew and loved: Nature Watch. If you are planning any type of science or nature study, check with Nature Watch first! READ THE REVIEW…

Homeschool Math Curriculum Reviews

Is there a magic trick for homeschool math? Read on for My Math Assistant review and learn how it can help you get on top of your homeschool math.

Across the board, one of the biggest hurdles in homeschooling is MATH! Today I’m really excited to share what I’ve found to be the magic trick for homeschool math, and this is My Math Assistant review.

We could all use an assistant, especially in the math department! So when Ken from My Math Assistant reached out to me about creating a sponsored post for you, I couldn’t wait because I know this will help so many homeschool mamas!

This review will share all you need to know about My Math Assistant, how we’re using it, and why it is the magic trick your homeschool might need right now! READ THE REVIEW…

Critical and Creative Thinking activity book review!

Art + Music Curriculum Reviews

Doodle literature for your lit loving art kids.

If you have a hard time adding music appreciation in your homeschool, look no further! This post tells you just how to do it simply and easily!

Music appreciation is one of those areas we would always LOVE to get around to, but for most of us, never find the time. We’ve been able to add a little music appreciation for homeschool in every now and again, but never anything consistent. Now, with my youngest just turning 7 and my older kids busy with their own things, I’m finding I have a little more to focus on Vera and her main interests. One of her biggest interests being–music!

Today I want to share with you about a resource for teaching music appreciation in your homeschool that you can fit in easily to your busy weeks.

SQUILT is a music appreication curriculum that offers tons of resources including monthly live classes. They offered to let Vera and I check out their service in exchange for an honest review and we couldn’t wait to get started!

This review is all about how we’ve been using SQUILT, easy ways you can add in music appreciation to your homeschool, and WHY it’s a great idea to add in music to your days! READ THE REVIEW….

Need an easy art project for your kids? Try these amazing kits--Paint by number, famous paintings series.

Online + Techie Homeschool Reviews

It's always a great idea for your high schooler to do an ACT Prep course and take the test. Here, I'll share a course that's making this so much easier!

Curiosity Stream is my best tool for learning while watching TV. I know, I know...screens are bad, fresh air is good, but when it rains for days on end, the baby won't sleep, and mama's plate is overflowing, you're going to need back up. This post shows you how to get it!

online homeschool curriculum

There are all courses of thought on using an online homeschool curriculum. Some families swear by it. Some don’t use it at all. For us, we have loved it in certain areas and for this post, I want to share some reasons to love online homeschool curriculum, Even if you don’t use it for everything–there are tons of ways you can incorporate it into your days for a well-rounded homeschool day.

We’ve been using Study.com for several months now and I would love to share how it can help your homeschool family. I’ve outlined six BIG reasons why using an online homeschool curriculum can be a great help for you and your family. Read on for my tips!

History + Literature Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool History Videos

There is little I love more about homeschooling than planning history unit studies. But what I do not love is sorting through all the garbage out there on the internet to find the good stuff. Good stuff like homeschool history videos, the best books, maps, and more.

I have been introduced to a new-to-me resource that literally does the legwork for me when I want to plan a history unit study for my kids. READ THE REVIEW…

My favorite history resources are Beautiful Feet Books and Homeschool in the Woods studies. Here's how I combine the two for an awesome history unit study

Putting together a history unit study is really easy if you have the right resources. Beautiful Feet Books and Home School in the Woods are two of my MOST favorite history curricula ever. We’ve been using one or the other or BOTH in some capacity for six or more years.

As I share what we use for history, I get a lot of questions about how we incorporate the two resources. I find this sort-of hodge-podging of curriculum together to produce some of the best results and rabbit holes to fall down. READ THE REVIEW…

If you love to share great literature with your kids, you're going to want to check out Beautiful Feet Books. This is my review and how we use it.

When you have a lot of children in a wide-array of ages, it can be tricky to combine curriculum–BUT combining is totally essential to saving my sanity! I’ve received lots of questions on how we use Beautiful Feet Books with a 6, 11, 13 AND a 17 year old and this post is going to tell you exactly how we did that this year for history.

If it’s new to you, Beautiful Feet Books is a living literature company. They sell books and curriculum that will totally encourage you to read more with your kids. They offer curriculum packs of living books with teacher guides that are so simple to use. READ THE REVIEW…

Hands on history doesn't have to be complicated. Pick curriculum that makes it easy for you! This Project Passport: Ancient Greece review will tell you how!

If you’ve been around here for long, you know hands on history is totally our thing! My boys love history and my girls love hands on activities and I love them BOTH, so with hands on history, we’re all winning.

You also may already know we’ve been using Home School in the Woods’ history studies for a long time now. So, when they asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their Project Passport: Ancient Greece, of course I was happy to. READ THE REVIEW…

Ever wondered how you can easily teach character in your homeschool? The answer is with literature...beautiful literature! This is my Beautiful Feet Books review on teaching character in your homeschool. I think you're going to love this one!

More Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

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