How to be Amazing at Home Management

There’s nothing more refreshing than sitting down with a really smart friend and picking her brain. That’s what I just did with my friend Jen Pepito about home management. Jen is a master at home management, and she has to be as a mom to seven and a business owner.

In this episode of the podcast we’re talking about all things home management: What really falls under that umbrella? Where to start if you’re just feeling swamped. Little things you can do to get your kids on board.

I love talking to Jen because she always reminds me to circle in and reminds me of the most important things: our families, what our kids will remember, if we’re remembering to pause, take it all in, not let it pass us by.

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Thanks, Jen, for always being so wise!

I think you’re going to get so many good ideas and inspiration in today’s episode! Listen in below.

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How to be Amazing at Home Management: an interview with Jen Pepito

Not only is Jen managing her home like a rockstar, she’s writing the most amazing curriculum too. We have used her Peaceful Preschool curriculum in our home, as well as the Playful Pioneers–loved that one too!

She’s just released a brand new course that I cannot wait to check out…The Kind Kingdom. Click below to check out a sample.

Episode 29 Timestamps

  • 3:59 – What Falls Under Home Management for You?
  • 6:14 – What are Some of Your Biggest Priorities in Home Management?
  • 8:46 – What is Your Day to Day Routine to Keep the Chaos Away?
  • 11:50 – Start with Small Change
  • 13:14 – Teaching Children Skills at Home
  • 15:28 – How to Incorporate this with Little Ones
  • 17:15 – Tips for the Overwhelmed Mom
  • 27:07 – Bonus Tip for the Overwhelmed Mom
  • 32:00 – Simple Steps on Where to Start
  • 35:26 – Currently List

Links from the Home Management Episode

Currently List

Every episode of the podcast includes a Currently List: something I’m reading or enjoying or looking forward to. Basically, anything bringing me joy that week. Here’s my currently list for episode 29.



  • Listening To: Rain on the Windows
  • Smelling: Bread Rising
  • Shopping For: New Appliances

Where to Find Jen

Instagram – @jenniferpepito
Website – The Peaceful Press

How to be Amazing at Home Management

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