Over at Alicia’s Episode Six: Kids + Chores

There’s so much conversation around kids and chores. Should we pay them for chores? What sort of chores can we ask our kids to do and when can they do them? So many questions about kids chores and we all do it so differently. Today I’m sharing about how we handle it.

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Over at Alicia’s Episode Six: Kids + Chores

I wrote about kids and chores a couple of years ago.

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Things have changed a bit, but not too much.

Read the post HERE. 

Breakdown Your Expectations

  • Responsible for their personal belongings – keeping room tidy, clean up after themselves if they get something out, carry their piles from the stairs up to put away.
  • Meal chores – Everyone clears their plates at breakfast and lunch, but each person has their dinner time assignments.  Noah does the dishes.  Jack sweeps the floors. Vera moves the chairs so Jack can sweep.  Sophia clears off the counter tops and wipes all the surfaces.  Once their job is done, everyone helps dry the dishes that didn’t fit in the dishwasher.
  • Morning chores – everyone makes their beds (Vera fluffs her pillows and puts them on with Sophia’s help).  Each kid has a small morning task – Noah empties garbage, Jack wipes down the bathroom sink, Sophia takes dirty clothes down to laundry room and sorts it.

Cleaning Supplies You Can Use (with care) with Kids

  • I use Windex’s vinegar solution for surfaces and windows. No ammonia, so I feel pretty safe letting even Vera use it with supervision.
  • Glass cleaning rags and dusting rags are also so great with kids because paper towels can be trickier to get things really clean and shiny.
  • I love having my big kids use the Clorox Toilet Wand. It’s perfect because they don’t have to actually touch the toilet. I keep one in every bathroom and always have the refills on hand.
  • My kids also use cleaning solutions we make ourselves. I use a 2:1 solution of water to vinegar with a few drops of clove oil or peppermint oil and it works great for multi surfaces.  I mix them in these amber spray bottles and love these!

Start Early with Little Ones

  •  Include them in everything you do.
  • It becomes a habit and fun part of life to help mom get things done.
  • They can put the pillow on the bed after you make it, clean up their toys, wipe the windows with you, carry their plate to the sink, put silverware away while you clear out the dishwasher, etc.


  • We  don’t do allowances for daily tasks that are just part of life – making beds, dishes, etc.
  • They do get paid for big jobs – vacuuming car, yard work, defrosting freezer, etc.
  • Each kid gets monthly “pay day”  to help them save up for things they want or little purchases.

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