Over At Alicia’s Episode Nine: Soothing + Smart Sundays

Sundays should feel like no other day of the week. We all need a day of the week that is just…chill! It should be a day we relax and regroup for the beginning of the week to come. We need to be smart about our Sundays…but also keep them soothing.

This episode is all about Sundays: what we can do to use them to prep for the upcoming week AND how we can use them to soothe our souls for the week ahead too.

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Over At Alicia’s Episode Nine: Soothing + Smart Sundays

Four Simple Things We Can Do to Make Sunday a Smart Day

  1. Meal Plan for the Week – Take your list of twelve rotating meals (see: Episode Five!) and decide what meals you’ll make for the week.   That way in the morning, through out the week, you can quickly check your list and get out anything you might need to for the day.  It doesn’t mean that you’re going out to get groceries on Sunday, just checking to see what you need for the week and making your grocery list.

Over At Alicia’s Episode Five: Fall Meal Planning Episode Five

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Target Chalkboard–perfect for meal planning!

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2. Make a Weekly Plan – Sit down with your planner to make sure you’re not missing anything for the week.  Grab a notebook that you can use to brain dump all the things that you want to get done at home and for work.  If you have your planner,  you can make a realistic plan for what you can accomplish for the week depending on what activities that demand your time and attention.  If something doesn’t get done in that week, either roll it over to the following week or decide that it wasn’t important and cross it out.

3. Do a Quick School Plan – Make a monthly plan at the beginning of the month based off a rough outline for the year.  To create your monthly plan, write down the books you want to read, writing projects you want to finish, amount of math lessons that want to get done, and other general plans.  Fill in their assignment notebooks for Monday, then just plug the rest of their assignments in the night before the rest of the week. (MONTHLY PLANNING PAGES)

If your kids are in a school, look at the calendar and see if there are any activities or things that need to be  brought to school during the week.  Make sure there is nothing that you will be forgetting letter.

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4. Have a Quick Family Meeting – Sit down as a family and talk about your week.  Remind everyone of the activities going on and tasks that need to be accomplished before the activity.

Four Tips for Having a Soothing Sunday

  1. Keep Meals Really Simple – Have breakfast for dinner or have a super simple meal that everyone likes and can be put together in just a few minutes every single Sunday.  It doesn’t have to be an award winning, gourmet dinner.
  2. Keep Your Calendar Free on Sunday – As much as you can, keep your schedule free on Sundays.  Turn down other invitations and save errands or other mundane task that will stress you out for another day of the week.  Keep the day free for family time or relaxing time.  That way you can for sure have one day that is sacred, just for family and relaxing.
  3. Do Something Just for Yourself – Do something that is really going to fill you up and give you some self care.  Do a facial mask, take a long bath, go for a long walk by yourself and listen to a podcast, or what ever works for you.  It doesn’t have to be crazy or cost a lot of money, just set the time aside for yourself every single week.
  4. Plan Something With Just Your Family – Not something that’s big and elaborate, but something simple like going for a bike ride to get  ice cream, watching a  show that you all enjoy together, go for a walk together, play a game, go outside and play catch, etc.  Just these little, simple things that you do together as a family create memories.  Keep a running list of super simple ideas that you don’t have to plan ahead or prep anything for, but you can reserve for Sundays.

Favorite Card Games list! 

Currently List:

  • Reading: A Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn
  • Obsessed With:  Trader Joe’s  – give me all their fall stuff!! Heirloom pumpkins, fresh sunflowers, pumpkin pasta sauce, pumpkin Joe Joe’s, butternut squash macaroni, apple cider, pumpkin waffle mix, pumpkin bread mix. I want it all!
  • Enjoying:  Brave Writer Writing Projects – Faltering Ownership + Jot It Down


What do YOU do on Sunday? I polled you all on my IG story the other night and LOVED your Sunday ideas.

  • Catch up on laundry
  • Make a good dinner
  • Take a relaxing bath
  • Food prep: hard boil eggs, chop veggies, make muffins
  • Good family dinner
  • Meal planning
  • Go over the upcoming week with spouse
  • Take a NAP!
  • Lesson planning
  • Get outside!
  • Plan out the week
  • Family time!
  • Clear the school table and counter tops.
  • Plan breakfasts.
  • Make copies for the week for school.
  • Finish a book.
  • Grocery shop
  • Church
  • Watch football
  • Play games
  • Hike
  • Get organized for the week ahead.
  • Say no to all the things we COULD do on Sundays and relax instead.
  • Rest.
  • Chillllllll!
  • A weekly review–checking in with intentions and priorities.

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  1. This is the only time of year that I LOVE Trader Joe’s but man… this time of year it is SO GOOD!! The holiday smell hits you before you even get in the door! Can’t wait to implement these things to our Sunday’s and again, I’m in love w the podcast! So glad you are sharing 🙂

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