Choosing a homeschool planner planner is a highly personal thing. Some prefer a notebook. Some want to go all out with stickers and embellishments. I find myself somewhere in between. I want some structure. It can be a total blank slate for me. But I also want some personalization. It has to fit my lifestyle.

This is why I created my own homeschool planner years ago.  It has certainly changed and morphed over the years, but I think I’ve settled on something that will last me forever…and you too, I hope!

Today I want to walk you through a Forever Homeschool Planner Review and give you a peek into how I have set it up. Again, it’s highly personal, but it might help you to get yours organized too.

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I love created videos because it’s so much easier for ME to see how people organize rather than hear them tell me about it. This year I set up my planner in the most simple way I’ve ever done it. I used my Monthly Planning Page, which are part of the LWC Forever Planning Pack to create a seasonal plan for our school year. I’m already feeling the lightness and freedom this year’s homeschool planner is providing.

Click below to view how I set up my homeschool planner!

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Homeschool Planner…the planning pages

At the very front of my planner are all the planning pages. I have a year-at-a-glance calendar. Sign up to get yours for free below:

Besides the calendar, I have a year-at-a-glance grid page where I can quickly plan my WHOLE YEAR in just a few minutes.

>>Read more about how to plan in my super simple way HERE.<< 

This section is also where I keep our homeschool mission statement and an honest assessment of our previous school year so that our next year can be even better.

What about the lesson plans?

I found a couple of years ago that planning by season works really well for me. We are stronger in different subjects through the year. You can read more about my idea of seasonal homeschooling HERE. 

I have a section in my planner for each season we do school–no summer! 

I use a four-week spread and plan out a few weeks at a time. I love this approach and started doing it this way last December. 

Homeschool planner records

This is the simplest thing ever…just a bunch of loose leaf paper! I write down all the things that we actually DID do at the end of the school day instead of focusing on all the things we didn’t do. I love looking back at these pages.

Keeping track of the extra things…

I have a high school senior this year. There’s a lot of extra papers and forms at this age. Some of these things I keep in my Master Homeschool Binder, but this year, I knew I’d have to be accessing these things for him often, so I set up a section especially for Jack.

Check out the LWC Forever Planner here:

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