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A homeschool lifestyle routine is not something you think about when you first begin homeschooling. Your lifestyle doesn’t seem to look very much different than everyone else’s. But as friends’ kids got older and started going to public school, our family’s homeschool lifestyle started to look very different.

There are science experiements on our dining room table. 

There are things like “Ticonderoga pencils” on our shopping list. 

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There are library books spilling out of baskets. 

There are games and paints on every surface.

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A homeschool lifestyle routine looks very different than others’. But that’s as it should be. Here’s a look at what our homeschool lifetime routine looks like.

What is a Homeschool Lifestyle?

Basically it boils down to this–Having an educationally rich home. 

But what does that mean?

Under the influences of Charlotte Mason (what was also one of my earliest homeschool influences) and my own beliefs, I have styled a type of homeschool approach around providing my kids with activities that are rich in all things education, imagination, and delight.

A homeschool lifestyle routine has helped me, a Type A mama, to be able to set academics aside and focus on the relationship with my kids. Here's how:

Here’s a breakdown of what we find important in our homeschool lifestyle:
(I’ve linked to a few of my posts to share more about these things.)

The more I thought about what we did on a day-to-day basis that wasn’t in the planner, but still applied to education, it took so much pressure off checking boxes and more focus on checking those invisible boxes, like:

  • going outside for a walk and noting the birds you saw
  • watching a great movie together
  • writing a letter to a pen pal
  • playing games

When I started to focus more on the relationship with my kids instead of focusing so so much on academics, things started to shift in our homeschool.

Because ultimately, your kids won’t remember having a hard time they had with Math Lesson 45 on page 165, but they will remember how we made it harder by freaking out on them.

But, on a more concrete level…what does this homeschool lifestyle routine look like every week?

Our weekly Homeschool Lifestyle Routine

What I really love about our homeschool lifestyle is that it’s about so much more that school! Doing life this way taught be to COUNT the things that we do that might not look like a typical school day.

SubjectKindergartenGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4
Math +
Math Play!Saxon Math 1Saxon Math 2

Lollipop Logic 2
Saxon Math 3-Saxon Math 5/4

-Nicole the Math Lady

-Logic Countdown

-Mind Benders 4

-Math Ties
HandwritingHandwriting without Tears 1st grade

Draw, Write, Now 1
Handwriting without Tears
2nd grade set
Draw, Write Now 3
Typing Instructor for Kids
Handwriting without Tears

Typing Instructor
Phonics/ReadingHooked on Phonics K

Get Ready for the Code

Get Set for the Code
Go for the Code
Hooked on Phonics 1

Explode the Code 1+2
Hooked on Phonics 2

Explode the Code 3+4
Literature Pockets: Grades 1-3

Literature Pockets: Grades 4-6
GrammarEasy Grammar 3
Easy Grammar 4

First Language Lessons Level 3
VocabularyWordly Wise 3Marie's Words
SpellingSequential Spelling 1Sequential Spelling 2Spelling Workout D

Learning to Spell Through Copywork
History + Social StudiesStory of the World vol. 1Story of the World vol. 2Story of the World vol. 3

Pin-It Maps
Story of the World vol. 4

Daily Geography 4

Pin-It Maps

Time Travelers: Early 19th Century

Learning American History Through Literature
Science + NatureNature Explorer GuidesNature Explorer Guides

No Sweat Nature Study
Nature Explorer Guides

No Sweat Nature Study
Exploring Nature with Children

No Sweat Nature Study
Exploring Nature with Children

No Sweat Nature Study
ArtAlphabet Art

Usborne Art Cards
Discovering Great Artists13 Art Mysteries Every Kid Should Know
Master Kitz

Chalk Pastel Membership Club

SQUILT Music Membership


Piano Lessons

A ‘could,’ not a ‘should’

My purpose for writing this post is to give you a clear picture of what a homeschool lifestyle routine could look like, not should look like. As always, never copy and paste. Always modify, tweak, and adapt ideas for your own family.

I have let go of many things that unpractical expectations for my kids (and myself) over these almost 10 (!!!) years of homeschooling.

But all that refining, tweaking, and reexamining is always for the better.

Click here for my big list of Homeschool Lifestyle Routine “tools’

A homeschool lifestyle routine has helped me, a Type A mama, to be able to set academics aside and focus on the relationship with my kids. Here's how:
A homeschool lifestyle routine has helped me, a Type A mama, to be able to set academics aside and focus on the relationship with my kids. Here's how:


  1. Do you use anything extra for spelling and grammar or do you feel like there is enough covered with all things Brave Writer?

  2. Hi Amanda! There is a great program for younger kids…beginning readers. It’s called The Wand. I cannot speak to it personally, as we have not used it. BUT I have friends that use and love it. And if it’s like the other products, it will be wonderful! 🙂

  3. Would you recommend the Brave Writer programs for younger children as well… I’m looking for something beyond general phonics/Ordinary Parents Guide to make reading more engaging/fun. Would this be a good option for beginning readers as well??

  4. Hi Mandi! So, yes. My oldest (9th grade) is reading on his own. I’m trying to choose books I’ve already read so I can discuss them well with him. He still hangs out while I’m reading to the others though. 🙂

  5. I’ve been doing the boomerang guides with my 5th grader this year! One question, for your older students, do they read their own books? I’m wondering how to do this with multiple kids.

  6. We’ve really been getting into the Brave Writer lifestyle in the past few weeks. As someone who likes order and an idea of what is going to happen throughout the day it was hard for me to start but as soon as we did things have really started flowing. I appreciate this general outline of how it looks in your life!

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