How To Help Your Kids Love History: Time Travelers Early 19th Century

I love teaching my kids about history. But my kids have not always shared my enthusiasm. When Homeschool in the Woods reached out to me about reviewing one of their Time Travelers unit studies, it was an easy yes! I am always on the lookout for history resources that make teaching this subject fun and engaging. Homeschool in the Woods compensated me for my time in exchange for an honest review and I’m excited to share it with you today.

The Time Travelers series comes in many different eras of history. We got to review the Early 19th Century unit study. In this review I’ll share a video on the details of this study, how to set it up, and why we love these studies so much in our homeschool.

Can’t wait to show it to you!

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We love unit studies for history. Here is my full review of Homeschool in the Wood's Time Travelers unit studies. Hint: We love them!

What are Homeschool in the Woods Time Traveler Studies?

Homeschool in the Woods creates two types of history unit studies: Project Passport for world history studies and Time Travelers for US history studies. We have used both Project Passport and Time Travelers studies and loved every one we’ve done.

We’ve learned about Ancient Egypt and Greece, the Renaissance and Reformation, the Industrial Revolution and Colonial Life. You can read more about our Colonial Life Study HERE and Ancient Greece HERE.

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These unit studies are all downloadable, which I love because you don’t have to wait for delivery or take up space on my packed bookshelves.

The studies feature:

  • a daily text for the homeschool teacher to read each lesson
  • a newspaper for kids to fill in after each lesson…
  • tons of hands-on projects
  • notebooking projects
  • copywork
  • lapbook pieces
  • a lesson plan schedule for easy planning

Our theme has always been to “unleash a love of learning in your child.” All of history cannot be learned in 12 years, and if you talk to many adults, most didn’t care for the topic in school. However, understanding history is crucial to understanding what’s happening today and making decisions for tomorrow. Our desire is to share people and events of history in a hands-on, visual way to engage children in fun and memorable activities that TRULY help them put the puzzle pieces together and live the lessons.

Why Time Travelers Is Great for Engaging Kids

If I was going to create history unit studies, the unit studies from Homeschool in the Woods are pretty much exactly what I would create.

They understand that even though there’s no way you can teach every single person or event from history. But teaching the kids history while they’re young and engaging all five of their senses, they will start to see those connections in history with the world around them. These studies are memorable–through recipes, beautiful lapbooks, hands-on projects, a giant timeline, and more, you kids will not forget these history lessons!

Setting Up Your Time Travelers Study

When you receive your big download file, you will find a lot of documents. Take some time to familiarize yourself with them. Some are for you, the teacher, and some are to print for the kids. I usually print out all the text for the lessons and the project pages and bind them together so I know exactly what we’re doing each day.

You can find a video of how I set up another Homeschool in the Woods study below.

A Daily Time Travelers Lesson Plan

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  • The projects! We’ve loved them!
  • The lapbooks–such a great portfolio to show off the study.
  • The daily texts make it so easy to plan.
  • The newspaper makes writing assignments SO easy too.
  • The only thing you really need to add is math during these studies. Makes homeschooling so streamlined and simple!

I hope this Homeschool in the Woods review gives you the push to start a unit study if it’s been something on your list of things to try. If you download one, I’m betting you’re going to want to download more. Have fun!

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