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Think there’s no such thing as language arts games? Guess again! I’m finding more and more as we continue on our homeschool journey, that pretty much everything can be learned through a game. We’ve always loved games–even though we used to have a bad record of someone crying every time we played. Our collection has grown and changed to a point where I look at our game shelves like an extension on our homeschool curriculum.

If your language arts is feeling dry or boring or too workbook-y, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a whole bunch of games you can play with your big kids and young kids to encourage language, writing, spelling and grammar!

Language Arts games for your little ones

These cuties are learning how to read and spell, so don’t worry too much about grammar just yet. We like to focus on their awesomely creative stories and learning to read! Here’s some of our favorite choices for kids in the learning-to-read category.

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Fairy Tale Spinner game This one is so fun because the players are creating a story as they play. The spinner reveals more elements to add to your story. The players then have to be creative to add these new pieces to the story, creating a really fun and interesting tale!

Create a Story cards We love this one! Small enough to fit into a purse or backpack for trips or waiting for food at a restaurant. Same idea as the spinner game and there are lots of versions to this game. Kids choose picture cards from the deck and create their own stories. Oh, the tales Vera has told with this game!!

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Story Cubes Another great one to inspire story creating. Kids roll the dice to reveal a handful of simple pictures. They use these pictures to create a story. Super fun and easy!

Bananagrams This is a great game to practice spelling–it can be as difficult or easy as you want to make it! I love how small and compact this one is too. (A great stocking stuffer!)

Zingo! I love this one! We bought it for my nephew for a birthday and could not wait to use it when Vera starts to read! It’s a really fun version of Bingo where kids are practicing sight words. Super fun way to practice reading!

Rhyme Out! This is a game that encourages kids to learn rhyming sounds, which is a great lead-up to learning to read.

Quiddler, Jr. is a simpler version to the classic game. Great for kids six and up.

More Language Arts Games for Little Kiddos

Language Arts Games for Older Kids (and grownups!)

This is where it gets fun for me! I love it when the kids get comfy with their reading skills and then we can start to use those skills for more things…like smart and funny games! Here’s a few I love to play with my older kids.

Quiddler This basically replaced our spelling workbooks last year. It can be easy or hard…and man, we’ve had some hard rounds of Quiddler! Everyone gets a hand of letters and you are trying to spell words with the cards you are dealt. The longer the word, the more points you get.

Read my List I love this one for language arts because you are creating categories and I think this is such a useful skill in organizing your writing. Players get a category and they have to think of things that belong in the read category. OR a list is read and the player has to think of how all the things on the list are related. I love this one!

Wordical is fun because it’s a mini-sized spin on the classic Scrabble.

Word-a-Round is a game I SO want to add to add to our collection! The cards are round, sturdy cards with words written around the outside of the round cards. It’s actually harder than you’d think trying to read a word written in a circle! The first person to figure out the word gets the card.

Turnspell is a new one we got this past Christmas. It is SO much fun! The game board sits in the middle of the players and is actually spins. You try to spell words with the letters in front of you, but the board is always spinning, so  you have to think fast! Super fun!

Listography is another category game that is a ton of fun. This one has a game board and a timer. You draw a card with a category and have to come up with a list of things belonging to that category before the time runs out.

Mad Libs! This classic favorite is awesome for teaching and reminding kids (and adults!) grammar.

Quicktionary is a really fast-paced game. Players don’t take turns, but draw cards quickly trying to find correct meanings to words.

Play on Words game is an award winning game that combines Scrabble and Anagrams. This one looks super fun!


If you’re feeling like your language arts needs some help, I encourage you to try a few of these games. You’ll all be learning more easily in no time! 🙂

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