I know all too well how many choices for homeschool curriculum are out there. It’s crazy and overwhelming! Have you ever wanted to pick someone’s brain and ask them what their very favorite homeschool curriculum is? Yes?? Me too! So, today I want to share our current, TOP TEN, very favorite, most enjoyed homeschool curriculum.

A few things before we get started: First, these are our current favorites. Things we’ve used in the last year that have been a great fit for us. We might start using something new this coming year and our list in nine months might look very different. Second, you know what you like and what your kids like. There might be things on this list that you know would NOT work at all for you–dude, that is the beauty of homeschooling! Pick what you like…I just want to share my favorites! 🙂

Lastly, these are in no particular order. Sure, it’s a list, but the numbers don’t mean anything. I just really like lists.

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So these favorites listed below are going to tell you why we have added them to this list, AND give you a link to explore them more either in another post I’ve written, or a full-on review.

I hope you enjoy reading about our favorites!

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Our Current Favorite Homeschool Curriculum

1. Good Books!

I know, I know. It feels like cheating to just say “books.” But it’s true! Choosing really good books for your homeschool can make all the difference!

Here’s a list of some of our very favorite read alouds.

2. The Peaceful Press’s Playful Pioneers

My favorite curriculum is that which I can pull in all (or most) of my kids and work together. The Playful Pioneers is a lit based curriculum that follows the Laura Ingalls Wilder series…our favorite! (Read about our LIW trip here!)

The Playful Pioneers gives you literature, projects, copywork, a daily grid to follow and so much more. We LOVED using this! (It aims for early elementary, but we used it for preK, 4th, and 6th grades.)

3. Homeschool in the Woods Unit Studies

These are awesome like the Playful Pioneers because I can pull in the majority of my kids! If you struggle with history ideas, this one is for you! There’s a daily reading to do then lapbook activities, hands-on projects, a newspaper to write and more! We love these and will be using more this coming year.

Read about how we set up the study HERE! (There’s also a video!)

4. Easy Grammar


Easy Grammar has been a favorite over here since the beginning of our homeschool journey. It just really is so EASY! Your child does just one page a day from their workbook. I like to use these books alongside the Arrow Guides. It will take us a couple of school years to get through one workbook usually and I am fine with that. You can read about high school Easy Grammar here. 

5. Marie’s WordsNeed a great way to easily sneak in great vocabulary words into your homeschool day? Check out this review on Marie's Words, a visual vocabulary tool for kids of all ages.

I struggled for the longest time trying to fit in vocab each week, but Marie’s Words have made it so much easier! You can read the review I wrote too, but mostly I love these because they help us add in some great vocab to our Morning Meetings. They are based off the vocabulary from the SAT test, so these are great all the way through high school

6. Beautiful Feet Books

I have loved Beautiful Feet Books for a long time. They seek out wonderful literature and put together packs on things like composers, history, science, and more. We just completed a Character Study this past spring and loved it! They guide is simple to follow and you’re able to adapt it to your needs. We will be using BFB a lot more!

7. Nicole the Math Lady

I really wonder how I got math done before Nicole the Math Lady. For real. We use Saxon Math and have pretty much from the beginning. We really like Saxon, but it can get a bit tricky trying to teach all the kids their daily lessons. With Nicole, I don’t have to! The kids log in and Nicole has created videos for allllll the lessons in their books!! I’m even using Nicole with my Junior this year!!

8. WriteShop

When you can get your child to write without them really even realizing they’re doing “writing,” You USE THAT CURRICULUM!! That is how we feel about WriteShop.

9. Tinker Crate

If you know me, you know I stink at science. Tinker Crate is the only way I get science done with my kids! A monthly subscription that I highly recommend!!


10. Deep Space Sparkle Membership

I signed up for DSS Membership this past January and it was probably the best year we’ve ever had for art. As a member, you receive a new themed art bundle on the first of each month. The themes range from things like Indian Art to Fairy Tales to Abstract Art. The bundles include oodles of art lessons of all kinds…fiber arts, clay, paint, watercolor, drawing, and more. The membership opens in January and August.

More Curriculum Ideas!

If you’re still looking for more ideas on what the heck to use for homeschool this year, I have some more posts that will help you out:

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