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96 Really Unique Stocking Stuffers that will Boost Learning

We can all agree that your typical stocking stuffers can tend to be junkie.  You want your gifts to be useful and we are homeschool moms, so educational is always good. But kids can spot educational stocking stuffers a mile away and my kids tend to roll their eyes and catch on that I’m sneaking school into Christmas.

I’ve decided that we can stuff those stockings with things that are both fun AND educational. We can fill them up with gifts that won’t be in the trash by January 4th. We can do this, friend!

This post your guide to educational stocking stuffers–subject by subject. Keep scrolling for TONS of ideas for educational stocking stuffers.

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You can take the Christmas out of the homeschool mama, but you can’t take the homeschool mama outta Christmas, right?? 😉

Stocking Stuffers to Encourage Learning

While I was watching TV with the kids one night, I started scribbling down educational stocking stuffer ideas. It quickly became a full page of messy chicken scratch that made no sense. I rewrote the list by subject because it was easier to navigate through and I’ve set up this post the same way. If you have a kid who loves science or art or history, scroll through to that section.

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We’ve got:

  • science
  • history
  • language arts
  • geography + world cultures
  • nature
  • art
  • math
  • logic
  • and play! (or P.E. if you’re really being serious)

Keep scrolling to your child’s favorite subjects! (OR to their least favorite subject to encourage some growth there!)

Educational Stocking Stuffers for Science

  1. Pocket Microscope // My kids have one of these and it works really, really well. Comes it super handy, too!
  2. Geode Kit // These things are fascinating. You can make it into a full-on science lesson or just let them break them open. Either way is awesome.
  3. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars // These are so fun for kids’ bedrooms. Extra fun to give them with a book about constellations and help kids arrange them on their ceilings in constellations!
  4. Tinker Crate Subscription // Super easy to stick a card into the stocking saying they have this awesome orange box coming in the mail! We LOVE getting Tinker Crate. You can read my review and how we use it HERE.
  5. Snap Circuits // These have provided HOURS of fun for my kids!!
  6. Pop Bottle Science Kit // We have loved playing with these in the past. The packaging is so fun and fits nicely into a stocking.
  7. Astronaut Ice Cream // Perfect for a kid who loves outer space!
  8. Pocket Telescope // Great for those who are obsessed with the night sky.
  9. Pocket Volcano // These are really inexpensive, can be used over and over, AND encourage TONS of laughter and fun. Winning.
  10. Blood Type Kit // I have some forensic science loving kids in my house who would love this.
  11. Crystal Growing Trees // Magical paper that grows crystals when water is added. Yes, we’ve owned and loved these.
  12. Rock Sample Kit // Great for kids who love Minecraft and geology-loving kids.
  13. Sea Monkeys // These are still a wonder to me. But OH so fun!
One of the fabulous creations my kids made from Tinker Crate.

History Stocking Stuffers

14. Professor Noggin Games // There are SO many of these and they are great for stockings. Basically a trivia game with options for “easy” or “advanced” questions. Great for homeschool families with multi-aged kids.

15. Timeline Game // We’ve discovered this game this year and really enjoyed it. Again, it’s small in size and there’s lots of time periods to choose from.

16. Oregon Trail Card Game // Do you remember playing this game with a floppy disc in computer class? Well, now it’s a card game! Yes, please!

17. Liberty Kids DVD Series // My kids (and I!!) love this series! Great if you’re studying early American history.

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18. Museum Pass // A great “experience” gift that keeps giving all year long.

19. Quill Pen + Ink // A super fun way to slip a little history into their stockings.

20. Poppable Popcorn Cob // Great for early American history and/or Native American studies.

21. Boston Tea Party Tea Sampler // This is SO fun! Comes in a fun box and little tea tins. Six types of tea, this is a great hands-on history gift.

22. Name Chase Historical Figure Game // We JUST got this game and are SO excited to play it.

Educational Stocking Stuffers to Encourage Writing + Language Arts

23. Fun Pens // When I have a good pen, it makes me want to make lists, journal, and write all the things. I can’t imagine our kids would be any different. I love the PaperMate Ink Joy Gel Pens–they’re my favorite!

24. Book Light // Encourage a little reading–after lights out!

25. Smencils // Who can resist writing more with a candy cane scented pencil!?

26. Story Cubes // Great little pocket-sized game that can be used with many ages.

27. Journal // Sophia (9) and I have loved writing in and exchanging the Just You + Me journal for girls and their mamas this year

28. Eeboo’s Story Cards // My preschooler loves these. They are beautiful! But my older kids also love to play along too!

29. Bananagrams // Great for spelling and vocab.

30. Shakespeare Bandages // Again with the funny bandages! Kids will love these because they include insults by Shakespeare!

31. Magnetic Poetry (Mini Boxes) // Is there anything more fun than this classic magnet game? Your kids will be “writing” all the time! These work great on metal doors too if you don’t want them crowding up your fridge. I love these small sets that fit nicely into a stocking.

32. Genius Kids Magnetic Poetry // I didn’t know there were so many versions of this! This set would be great for writing interesting stories.

33. Wordical // A fun little wordy game in a tin–perfect for stockings and expanding language!

34. Quiddler // I just purchased this game for my kids. It’s meant to help with spelling skills. Always a good thing in our house!

Geography + World Cultures Stocking Stuffers

35. Around the World Stories // This is another great subscription option to slip into stockings. You’ll get one new story each week–kids LOVE these–and you’ll get a guide for expanding on the story and teaching about that culture. Recipes, maps, loads more info–win for everyone!

[Read about our experience with Around the World Stories HERE.]

36. Flags of the World Memory Matching Game // Great game for learning the flags of the world!

37. Eeboo US Puzzle // We love everything Eeboo makes, especially their puzzles.

38. Scrambled States of America Game // If you loved the book, you will LOVE the game!

39. Putumayo CD // I have listened to these CD’s for years with my kids. Music is a great way to introduce different world cultures into your home. We love French Cafe!

40. Professor Noggin’s Geography Game // Just like the history games, the geography games are like trivia with a younger and more advanced option for questions. Perfect for homeschool families.

41. Around the World Chocolates // I found the cutest stack of chocolates from around the world at Trader Joe’s, but this one is a great option too if you don’t have a TJ’s nearby!

Educational Stocking Stuffers for Nature Loving Kids

42. Colored Pencil Sticks // These are so fun to use!

43. Nature Guides // The perfect size to slide into a stocking and super useful! We love the durable laminated ones.

44. Solar Paper // We had so much fun with this. Kids can get really creative with what they find in nature and it can be used all year long.

45. Nature Journal // To encourage more nature journaling, of course!

46. Rock Candy // A fun twist on studying rocks outdoors.

47. Star Wheel // This is one of our favorite tools for studying the night sky for the current month. Super handy!

48. Bird Call // Yes, it can get obnoxious inside the house, but outdoors on nature hikes, it so exciting to hear birds talk back to you!

49. Binoculars // They don’t have to be expensive and they are great for nature walks.

50. Geocaching Tool // Geocaching has been such a wonderful memory-maker in our family. This device makes it really easy to go geocaching–a little spendy for a stocking stuffer, but it can be used for years and is very durable. This is the exact device that our nature center has and they work SO well!

51. Hiking Socks // Everyone needs thick warm socks for winter nature walks.

52. Rock Crayons // I sneaked these into stockings one year.

53. Bird Feeder Kit // Winter is a great time to feed the birds. Making your own feeder is even more meaningful!

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Educational Stocking Stuffers to Encourage Art

54. Knitting Starter Kit // I have a little lady that wants to knit and I have no idea how. This tool has been a great help!

55. Nice Paint Brushes // I don’t believe in spending a TON on kids’ art supplies, but I do think brushes are really frustrating when they stink. These are our favorite brushes!

56. Modeling Beeswax // An unusual art supply, but my art-loving daughter LOVES this set! It’s fun to use and cleaner than clay.

57. Window Markers // These are SO fun!

58. Chalk Pastels // If you’ve been following me for long, you know we love using Chalk Pastel video courses and these are the pastels that we use. The colors are beautiful and vibrant.

59. Stamp Making Kit // Strangely therapeutic art form that we’ve loved. The tool is very sharp, so not suitable with small kids.

60. Clay // Yes, yes, I just said it was messy. But working with clay is really great with for kids (and mamas!).

61. Sketchbook // To keep kids away from all the printer paper!!

62. Postcard Coloring Book // I love coloring books but I love that these have more of a purpose. Use for thank you notes or letters to Grandma.

63. Stencil Kit // Perfect for kids who need some help getting started with their projects.

64. Fashion Designer Kit // Again, my art-loving daughter is in love with this set. She has used this over and over again.

65. Toddler Scissors // These are meant for toddlers but they work great for older kids too! I buy a few of these every year.

66. Scented Markers // I admit, I hide these from my kids because they are my favorite markers to doodle with!

Math Stocking Stuffers

67. Thinkfun Dice // Lots of different game options with this set and fits nicely into a little drawstring bag.

68. Tenzi // Another game with LOADS of playing options. Add a deck of cards with oodles of game ideas and read my review on this awesome game.

69. Calculator // So they stop taking the one off your desk….

70. Dutch Blitz // A classic game we’ve just added to our game library. Small and portable–my favorite!

71. Geoboards // These are a lot of fun for kids to play with but there’s a lot of geometry connections to be made too.

72. Phase 10 // Another classic card game with lots of math learning involved.

73. Cribbage // A favorite in our house. You can do the full game with middle schoolers and up, but pare down the rules a bit and play with elementary kids too.

74. Shut-the-Box // I think this was a game from Colonial times or something crazy–and it’s STILL fun! We love playing this one.

75. Zeus on the Loose // I am a HUGE sucker for Gamewright games. This is a great math game option.

76. I Sea 10 Game // This is a great math learning game for ages 6 and up. The goal is to work on making 10’s with game pieces.

Logic Stocking Stuffers

77. Kanoodle Junior// Link IQ Game (below), but for ages 4-7.

78. Spot It // Oodles of options for this game and fun for a multitude of ages.

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79. Logic Links // We pull this game out almost every week.

80. IQ Game // We love this one. Challenges from easy to extra tricky, you have to place shapes in order according to the challenge.

Noah (15) playing IQ Fit.

81. Rubiks Cube // A fun classic!

82. Keva Blocks // These are new to us, but they are really fun for kids who love to build and design!

83. Puzzles // Winter is the perfect time to pull out a 1000 piece puzzle! We love the ones with art by Mark Frost.https://amzn.to/3Ogs2oy

84. Extreme Dot-to-Dot Books // My 12-year-old is obsessed with these. And when I say extreme, we’re talking 1000 dots, here people!!

85. Sudoku Books // I personally love Sudoku and I’ve gotten my kids into it too!

86. Master Mind for Kids // My parents had this game and I loved playing it growing up. I just wish we would have had this kids version!

Educational Stocking Stuffers to Encourage Play + Physical Education

87. Jump Rope // Can even be used inside on cold days. P.E. ..check!

88. Thinking Putty // Great for keeping hands busy during read aloud time or just for playing with.

89. Paper Airplane Book // A classic for boys and girls.

90. Kinetic Sand // SO good for tactile kids who love to touch all the things.

91. Water Beads // These are great for playing with in the colder months–just keep them away from your drains! (Ask me how I know…)

92. Snow Markers // Because drawing in snow is the most fun!

93. Play Silks // Fun for dressing up, making forts, dancing and more!

94. Finger Puppet Tattoos // These were in our stockings last year and my girls LOVED putting on “poppet” shows for us.

95. Jacks // Another classic perfect for playing indoors or out.

96. Nesting Rainbow Blocks // These are highly durable and so great for encouraging creativity. We love ours!

Whew!!! That was so much fun! I hope you’ll find a few things here to stuff those stockings well this year.

Happy Homeschooling, friend and Happy Holidays!

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