How to Easily Homeschool at Christmas for a Meaningful Holiday

Even though December gets busy, there are so many easy  ways you can homeschool at Christmas time. There’s theatrical productions, the movies, the wonderful picture books and the Christmas baking. So many things you can be learning during the holidays. In this episode of Over at Alicia’s I walk you through just what you can do to balance homeschooling and the holidays. I share how you can create space to allow room to still get a little school accomplished and still do all the festive things you want to do with your family. We also talk about ways to make homeschool more festive during the holidays–subject-by-subject.

Homeschool at Christmas: How to do it Well


Read The Baker’s Dozen or The Legend of the Christmas Cookie.

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Mini Nutcracker Unit Study

Read various renditions of these amazing books: Nutcracker by Maurice SendakThe Nutcracker retold by John Cech, or The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker. Check out these amazing chalk pastel lessons for the  Nutcracker: These art lessons are proving to be the most pain-free, rewarding art lessons we do in our homeschool. Click the photo below for a sample video from The Nutcracker course! Listen to our favorite rendition of the Nutcracker music. Add in some geography with Around the World Stories.

Choose a Christmas Read Aloud

More Christmas Book and Read Aloud Ideas:

Be sure to look at all these ideas to create an amazing Christmas unit!

Christmas Homeschooling Ideas Subject by Subject


  • Flashcards – do quick reviews to keep up on math facts
  • Baking!


Science + Nature:


Make sure you check out this post for a more detailed list of subject by subject ideas.

Don’t forget to check out this huge list of 103 things to do when you need a substitute homeschool teacher!  This is perfect for when you need to accomplish something on  your Christmas to do list or if you’re feeling under the weather.

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Christmas Homeschooling Lesson Plans

Don’t forget to grab your free December planning page! These fancy planning pages are just like the ones in my LESSON PLANNER. 

Currently List:

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Other Notes:

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