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20+ of the Latest Christmas Picture Books You’ll Love

It seems that the new children’s picture books are always my first stop at the local library. But new Christmas picture books might be my favorite of all! Christmas time is the best time of all to snuggle up with a cozy blanket, a snack and a stack of wonderful books. Every December, early in the Christmas season, I add several new titles to our library. For the reason that there are so many great books, I even keep an Amazon list to keep track.

Each year, there seems to be a handful of amazing new Christmas picture books that are published and I always have to snag one or two of those too.

Because these new books bring so much joy, here are a few of my favorite newly published Christmas children’s books. You will probably love them too. I’m especially drawn to the illustrations and I think you’ll find these books have especially gorgeous illustrations.

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Newly Published Christmas Books from 2020 + 2021

Merry Christmas, Anne (Anne of Green Gables) // Can someone put this in my stocking this year please?! This book is beautiful and based around the Anne of Green Gables books. Such a lovely book to add to your home library. / October 2021

The Christmas Owl: Based on the True Story of a Little Owl Named Rockefeller // Such a cute story about the Rockefeller Christmas tree and a little owl who’s missing his home. / October 2021

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The Animals Speak: A Christmas Eve Legend // October 2021

Little Red Sleigh: A Heartwarming Christmas Book For Children // October 2020

Mr. Boddington’s Studio: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas // The classic poem, newly published with THEEEE cutest illustrations!! / November 30, 2021

‘Twas the Season of Advent: Devotions and Stories for the Christmas Season // Perfect devotional to read through during Advent with your little kids. / November 2, 2021

The Maine Christmas Song // This looks like the perfect Christmas picture book! Christmastime in Maine ๐Ÿ™‚ / October 2021

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas // Ok, can you have too many copies of this book?! I think not! The illustrations to this one are award-worthy!! / November 2, 2021

A Simple Christmas on the Farm // I love this book! I ordered it because I loved this author’s book on Thanksgiving from a couple years ago! / September 2021

Newly Published Christmas Picture Books from 2019

Christmas Is Coming! An Advent Book: Crafts, games, recipes, stories, and more! // Ok, I cannot WAIT to use this book this year!! I feel like I could have maybe written it myself! Each day gives a craft idea, a poem, ideas and more to do all December long– such fun!

The Crayons’ Christmas // These books are so silly and FUN! The box of crayons celebrate Christmas and all the colors are very spirited ๐Ÿ˜‰ / October 2019

Dasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever // This is the story of a sweet doe who wasn’t sure of her place in the world. Until she meets a big, jolly guy in a red suit and her life changes forever! / September 2019

How Winston Delivered Christmas // Ok, so this is just stinkin’ cute! Winston, a little mouse, is so busy through this book. It’s a great book to read in the month of December, as each little chapter gives you a simple activity to do each day. Definitely go look at the sample pages and then try not to purchase it…dare ya! ๐Ÿ˜‰ / September 2019

Follow the Star: a Pop-Up Story // A beautiful new book about Christmas Eve and the star over Bethlehem. Would be a beautiful gift!/ November 2019

New Christmas Picture Books From 2017 + 2018

Red and Lulu// A story about two bird friends who find themselves separated. New York City, the magic of Christmas, and a story of friendship. / September 2017

Mice Skating // This mouse wants nothing to do with hibernating like her mouse friends, she wants to be above ground and skate! / October 2017

Windows // I love this one because one of my favorite things is going for walks on chilly evenings while neighbors are turning on their lamps for the evening. / October 2017

Nativity // Anything Cynthia Rylant does is beautiful, but this book is simply stunning. The nativity story taken from the King James bible plus the illustrations are just an amazing combination. / September 2017

The Little Reindeer // A sweet story of a little girl who finds and befriends one of Santa’s lost reindeer. / September 2017

Snow (Four Seasons of Walter de la Mare)  // A beautiful story of getting ready for Christmas while the snow starts to fly outside. / Oct. 2018

On That Christmas Night // A gorgeous retelling of the first Christmas night. / January 2018

The Christmas Eve Tree // Lovely Christmas story about a little boy who is homeless and his Christmas tree. / November 2017

Finding Christmas // Is there anything cuter than woodland creatures getting ready for Christmas? No, there is not! / October 2017

Pick a Pine Tree // A sweet story of Christmas traditions. Love this one! / September 2017

Santa Bruce // Such a funny story about a misunderstood, very grumpy bear. / September 2018

Construction Site on Christmas Night // These are such a favorite series for so many families. It would be a perfect gift with a little truck to go along with it! / October 2018

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express // SUCH a sweet story of a little girl wanting to deliver a letter to her grandfather and the Reindeer Express comes to her rescue and takes her around the world too! The illustrations in this one are divine! / October 2018

Why your Christmas Children’s Book Library is Important

Even more than adding to our libraries, we want all that gathering to mean something. Some of our most magical Christmas memories aren’t anything extravagant or over-the-top. Many of those most magical memories are just feelings–cozy feelings, togetherness feelings, warm + fuzzy feelings–and those feelings almost always involve a book. (Or a stack of books.)

We have a small room at the top of our landing where we’ve put bookshelves and cozy chairs that we use all year long. Christmas picture books fill the bottom shelf of our large bookshelf. They’re kept this way so that every December I can easily pull out our beloved stack and wrap them up for our advent activities or strew around the house for easy reading.

These books hold memories and that makes them so special. I love to collect new Christmas books each year but I don’t want to just have a taller stack. The books I choose to add to our home library have to be beautiful or classics or tell a meaningful story or evoke good feelings or all of the above.

Some of my most vivid childhood memories involve my mom’s lap and a stack of Little Golden Books. Storytime means something. It’s not just the passing of time.

Above all, I hope this list is helpful to add a few new books to your library this season!

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