How to Create a Home You’ll Never Want to Leave

When someone tells me my home feels cozy, I could not ask for a better compliment. Creating cozy home for my people that they feel safe and comfortable in is one of my biggest goals as a SAHM.

Creating cozy isn’t hard. And I would bet you have everything you need to kick the cozy-factor up a few notches right now! No shopping necessary–unless you really want to, of course! ūüėČ

We all desire to have a cozy home, and I just published a¬†huge¬†list of ways you can create your own cozy home…107 ways, in fact!

But since that might be a¬†little¬†overwhelming for some AND because I’d love to have the discussion with you, I recorded a podcast picking out seven ways to create cozy from the giant list.

It’s always a good time to get your house a little more homey. Here’s a few of my favorite ways..

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Seven Ways to Create a Cozy Home

1. ¬†Lighting – harsh overhead lighting doesn’t feel cozy. ¬†Find some great lamps, light some candles, fill glass jars with twinkle lights, add lights under shelving, use your fireplace, or install dimming light switch. ¬†Use the overhead lights when you need them for games or something, but when your relaxing as a family, watching a movie or reading, turn on the undertone lights and get cozy. ¬†Lighting is everything!

The lighting on my open shelving inspired by Brooke

2.  Stacks of Books + Blankets

When it’s cold and raining or ¬†snowing outside, nothing is more cozy than snuggling up with a good read aloud or everyone grabbing their own book to read. I love changing out stacks of seasonal pictures books by the fireplace. ¬†If there are stacks of books and blankets accessible, not only is it super cozy, but it also encourages reading.

Here’s a few options for great throws:

3.  Cook or Bake Something

Bake bread, slow cook some soup, or roast something in the oven. ¬†Having a cozy home isn’t just about how it looks, it’s also about how it smells, the temperature, the lighting, and how it feels. ¬†There’s something magical about mixing something with your hands and eating something that you made together.

You don’t have to be a professional or get it perfect every single time. ¬†There are lots of great mixes that still make yummy baked good that warm your house up and it make it smell amazing.

4.  Create Some Cozy Corners

Find a spot or two to make cozy with a small table and a stack of books, add a plant (like this fiddle leaf fig) or add a little cozy tent to make a reading corner. ¬†Walk around your house and see what you can use to take a spot that’s just blah and transform it into a super cozy little corner.

5.  Put Family Photo Albums Out

We can have the coziest house in the world, but if no one is there to enjoy memories together, it’s pointless. ¬†I love creating a yearly family photo albums¬†for our family to gather around and look through. ¬†I keep these in a place that we can easily get to and look through often.

6.  Put Your Phone Away

Maybe it’s making a rule that your family puts their phones away for the night after seven o’clock, that when you’re having dinner together no one has their phone in the room to be distracted by, or when everyone is gather in the living room everyone puts their phones away for thirty minutes to connect and chat. ¬†We’re trying to create the feeling of togetherness and when people walk into our homes we want them to feel important. ¬†Putting our phones away makes us feel more connected as human beings.

7.  Bring Some Nature In

I love being outside in the fresh air, but I also love bringing nature inside with me. ¬†Grab some flowers to bring inside, take some pretty weeds or tall grass from your yard to put into vases, cute down a few branches to decorate with. ¬†It’s a super simple and cheap (or free) way to add some nature to your room.

103 Ways to Create a Cozy Home

The best compliment is when someone says you have a cozy home. Here's 107 ways you can create a cozy home you'll love!

Currently List:

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Other Notes:

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