It’s early, but it’s time to start crafting your holiday game plan! Why? Because starting early on a few simple things will make your holiday season a whole lot more peaceful. In this episode of Over at Alicia’s we’re talking step-by-step about how to create a Christmas bullet journal AND I’m giving you four little things to do THIS WEEK that will make your holiday season so much smoother and less last-minute stress.


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Start your holiday planning November 1st for optimal planning time…8 weeks is perfect!

Creating a Christmas Bullet Journal

  • Sturdy Moleskine Notebook with Rubber Band Closure
  • Sections of your Bullet Journal could include:
    • November, December, January calendars
    • To-Do list
    • Receipt pocket
    • Budget
    • Handmade Gift list (see ideas below)
    • Advent ideas
    • Gift lists
    • Stocking Stuffer list (see LOTS of stocking stuffer ideas below)
    • Christmas card ideas
    • Addresses
    • Notes for next year

Plan it Now: Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

4 Things to do Now for a Smoother Christmas Season

  1. Take family photos
  2. Purge + Organize kid spaces (toys + clothes)
  3. Create a gift recipient list–just who you have to buy for, not necessarily what you’re getting them yet.
  4. Plan hands-on gifts or crafts and start gathering supplies
  5. BONUS: I didn’t mention this in the podcast, but I HIGHLY recommend clearing your calendar now. Move dentist and doctor appointments to next year unless they’re absolutely necessary. Cancel things that aren’t a priority right now. Use these last 8 weeks of the year to enjoy, not rush around.

Gift Lists for Everyone On Your List!

If you’re looking to get an early start on your gift list, I’ve got you covered. There’s tons of gift lists here on the site, but these are a few of the MOST popular!

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Currently List:

  • Reading: Educated by Tara Westover
  • Watching:   The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix
  • Planning:  A vacation!! Not sure where to yet, but we’re giving our kids a vacation this year instead of traditional gifts, and we are so excited to surprise them with the location on Christmas Day!

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Other Notes:

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