36 of the Best Stocking Stuffers Your Kids + Teens Will Love

Stocking stuffers is where I lose all self control. Give me a debit card and a task to buy a bunch of tiny cute stuff to fill stockings and I will gladly oblige. Thing is though, there’s a lot of junk out there. Stuff that might see fun or cute to stick in a stocking, but by February it will be in the Goodwill pile. Or worse, the garbage.

I love gift-giving for Christmas but I want my dollars to count towards something–not just to fill space. I’ve wracked my brain to come up with a BIG LIST of some of our all-time favorite stocking stuffers over the years. This is the tried and true stuff that’s still around and/or has been thoroughly enjoyed till death did us part.

I give you…34 of our favorite stocking stuffers!

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I love finding out-of-the box stocking stuffers for my kids. Nothing bugs me more than spending money on a bunch of stuff that ended up in the garbage in a month. Here's my list of 34 unique, favorite stocking stuffers.

Favorite Stocking Stuffers for young kids (3-7ish)

  1. The Magic Melting Snowman// Weirdest, coolest gift of 2015. Vera played this this thing for hours! There will be a new snowman in her stocking this year.

2. Family movies +TV shows// Watching a great family show together in the winter evenings is the best. We’ve watched Good Luck, Charlie, Liberty Kids, When Calls the Heart, and now we’re watching Little House on the Prairie. The Waltons and The Brady Bunch are also great choices.

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3. Toddler scissors// Letting Vera join us for art projects is hard. But then I found these scissors. The rest is artful history.

4. Farkle// Many many many games of Farkle have been had in our house.

5. Perler BIGGIE Beads with Pegboards// Did you know they make BIG Perler beads for little hands? They do and they’re awesome.

6. Audiobooks// With a little CD play that’s easy to use. Vera loves going to her room and listening to audiobooks. Madeline and Caps for Sale are her favorites.

7. Smencils// So much fun for Christmas. stocking-stuffer-8

8. Baby Lit Board Books// Pride + Prejudice is our favorite!

9. Memory Action Yoga Game// Matching yoga pose cards and doing the moves as well–brilliant!

10. Professor Noggin Trivia Cards// Great for traveling or dinner time conversations.

11. Story Cubes// Shake the dice, create a story with the pictures you get. pinhole-press

12. Personalized Memory Game// I can’t tell you how much fun we’ve had with this game. I pull it out at Christmas time. The kids love to see their faces on the game cards. Another one is on order for 2016 stockings! 🙂

13. Modeling Beeswax// Another item coming our way for stockings this year. Beeswax is super easy to manipulate for little hands. They can mold the colored wax into fun shapes and figures really easily. I’m excited to add this to our art stash.

14. Counting Bears with Cups// Just simple counting activities with little ones that you can also use as a manipulative for older kids too.

15. Crayola Color Dropz// Don’t ask me why these are so much fun. Drop a tablet into your bath water and it turns a brilliant color. Perfect sized container for stockings too.stocking-stuffer-12

16. Little Librarian Kit// I don’t want to say I would have killed for this as a kid, but I probably would’ve killed for this as a kid. If you have imaginative kids who love to play store, they’ll love to play library too. This cool kit has the self-adhesive pockets and cards to stick in your books. There is also a stamp for dating your cards with a stamp pad. Hours of fun, guaranteed.

17. Rainbow Stacker Nesting blocks// Great quality blocks that my girls have played with over and over. And over.


More stocking stuffers we love for older kids (8-13 or so)

Alright, let’s move onto the bigger kids’ stuff.

18. Phone accessories//  Grab something fun for your older kids’ phones like a macro lens, tripod,  or a fun charger.

19. Sharpies// Do I need to explain this one?

20. Instax camera// Best $59 I’ve ever spent. So. Much. Fun. stocking-stuffer-13
21. Flashlights// Necessary and fun.

22. Thinking Putty// My favorite thing ever to keep hands busy and bodies still while we’re reading together.

23. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars// Flashback to my childhood bedroom.

ten more to go….

24. Nanoblox// For Lego-lovers that need a little something different. Someone in our house is getting the Colosseum set in his stocking this year.

25. IQ Fit Brainteaser game// My boys have spent hours on this! I love the little one too because it fits nicely in my purse or in backpacks for car rides.

26. Nice Socks// If we ever needed an excuse for cozy socks. This is it. stocking-stuffer-19
27. Budda Boards// My kids could sit and play with this for hours.
28. Holiday Crackers// We LOVE buying English crackers for our Christmas table. How fun to put one in a stocking!?

29. Suspend Game// Along the same lines as Jenga, but different. A great quiet, concentration game.

30. Quixx Game// We’ve been playing this a ton lately! There’s a ton of strategy and critical thinking in this game. Great for loads of ages.

31. Tin Can Robot// My boys loved putting together these robots. We’ve done several!

32. Break Your Own Geodes// I realize my gifts mostly have an educational tilt. My kids will sometimes call me out for making Christmas too schooly 😉 but this time they won’t even catch it!

33. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers// Because raspberry and black licorice-smelling drawings make the world a better place.

34. Oregon Trail card game// Oh my gosh, did you play this game!?!? It’s back in card game form!!

This list could be 134 things, easily. I love me some cool, tiny gifts. SOMEBODY cut me off!! BUT these are some of our favorites. PLEASE tell me…what are YOUR favorites?34



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