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The Best Gifts for Your Kid Who Loves Science

Do you have a science-loving kid in your house? Need some give ideas for your science kid? We’ve had some top-notch science toys in our house over the years. Here’s a round up of eleven great gift ideas for your science kid!

Gift Guide for your Science Kid

  1. Tinker Crate // We LOVE Tinker Crate! As in, we love it to the point where we savor the boxes each month because we want to make it last. Each month, you get a box with every single thing you need to complete a really really cool project. I was skeptical when I signed up originally. BUT I’ve been so impressed with the projects. You can read my full review HERE. (ALSO, Tinker Crate subscriptions are 60% OFF today!)img_1595
  2. Snap Circuits // This is a toy that has been well-loved for years  at our house. My boys pull this out on rainy days all the time. Highly recommend!
  3. Laser Maze Game// Another toy/game that has been well loved at our house. Use the game board and lasers to create a maze. This can be really challenging or easier, depending on how you choose to play the game.
  4. Science Explorer Kits// There’s a lot of science kits out there, but these are some of our favorites. The supplies are quality, there’s a ton of options to choose from, and they provide hours of entertainment. I let my kids to these on their own and count it as science on those days where I need a breather from school. I’m thinking we need the electricity kit this year.
  5. Microscope// A gift your kids and tinker with for years!
  6. Telescope// Again, a gift that will grow with your kids for years!
  7. ThinkFun Maker Studio// ThinkFun is a fabulous company and I love their Maker Studio kits! I really want them all, but the kits catching my eye right now are the Gears Kit and the Propeller Kit.
  8. Planetarium Projector// Another toy that has provided my boys with hours of entertainment. They no longer manufacture the projector we have, but this one looks great too. Serves as a really fun nightlight as well!
  9. Astronaut Food// Another fun stocking stuffer for your science lover. Give with a book about astronauts as a super fun gift!
  10. Grow-Your-Own Butterfly Kit// We’ve done this twice and each time it has been such a treat. We might just need another one this year.butterfly
  11. National Geographic Magazine// Or any other science-y magazine for that matter. My kids LOVE getting magazines in the mail. They feel so important! National Geographic is a great choice!

What are your ideas for your science kid? I would love to hear them! And don’t forget to check out all the gift guides


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