11 of the Most Delightful Gifts That Will Make Your Young Reader Smile

Gifts for young readers are easy to find. But what about things besides…books? Being a book lover myself, it isn’t hard for me to find booky gifts. I can enjoy them right along with my bookworm kids. Here’s my super fun list of gifts for your young readers.

Gifts for Young Readers

Need some gift ideas for your young reader? Besides...books? Here's som fun bookish ideas for your bookworm.

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Out of Print T’s// These are pretty much the coolest thing ever. A t-shirt to match your favorite book? Yes please! A couple of girls in my house are getting the Wizard of Oz and the Curious George tees.

Bendy Book Light// My kids have all gone through tons of these. The bendy kind are the best. I love to encourage good sleep habits but I also love to encourage good reading habits and this is my little hint.

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Mark-My-Time Bookmark// At first I thought this thing was silly. But it’s actually really cool. This fancy bookmark keeps track of how long you’ve read and stores it for you. You can easily keep track of how long you’ve read per day or per month. Oh, and it also marks your spot in your book 😉

Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook// If you have Harry Potter fans in your house, they will get a total kick out of this cool cookbook.s_0169

Cool Book Tote for the library// How cool would your kid feel walking into the library with an awesome tote displaying his or her favorite book? Pretty cool, I’d say. (I kind of want one for me.)

Book Journal// Sophia loves to keep track of the books she’s read. She does a book club with some pals and keeps track of every book in a little journal. This one is adorable. Give with a great set of gel pens!

Little House Coloring Book// This one is waiting to be wrapped up this year! It’s adorable! The same drawings from all the books. Your kids will recognize these and be so excited. Give with a set of quality colored pencils. 🙂

Roald Dahl pendant// We are huge Roald Dahl fans and I know this pendant would make someone very happy!

Book plates for your little one’s library// All my books from my childhood are marked with my name on the inside. I love looking back at those books. How great would it be fore my kids to do the same someday.

Magnetic Page Markers// Another option for a bookmark. These are adorable. (And perfectly sized for stockings.)

Anne of Green Gables paper dolls// These were a gift last year and so much fun. We read Anne together and Sophia was so happy to get to play with characters she’d read about!


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