Gifts Your Gamer Will Love

Gifts for gamers….ahhhh, I’m not gonna lie. I’m not a big fan of video games. But I’ve come to a happy-medium kind of peace about them too. Hearing my mom dog on something I loved would have been harmful to me. So I’ve learned to see the brighter side of the gaming world–strategical thinking, language skills, creative endeavors.

Naturally, I have to include gaming-related gifts to the list this year. But come on, games and devices are too easy–and to individualized–to list here. Here’s my list of gifts for gamers that aren’t so obvious.


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Gifts for your gamer

  1. Chess// Gamers, for the most part, love chess. It must be the strategy of the game. My three big kids love playing chess. We got them a cool wooden board last year and they play it all the time in the colder months.
  2. Fun chargers// Not that Apple’s plain white chargers aren’t fun, but they’re kind of not very fun. How about this pig and her babies charging your kids’ devices? More fun right?
  3. Game Fly// Sort of like Netflix for gamers. You pay a low monthly fee and your gamer gets new games as often as he/she wishes. No late fees and no due dates. Game Fly has games for pretty much every device you could think of too. img_2839 img_2841
  4. Stop Motion equipment// You can go crazy with this. It is really really fun for kiddos that love to fiddle with media. My kids have spent HOURS making these videos. I love hearing their laughs over their creations.  Here’s a few ideas:
    1. Complete Stop Motion Kit…this kit has everything you need. The camera, the software, the whole thing.
    2. Simpler Kit for novices...we have this one and LOVE it!
    3. A cool clapboard to make the movie-making feel more official 🙂
  5. Stratego//A strategy game where the game pieces have different amounts of “power,” similar to a video game. You’re trying to outsmart your opponent without getting your pieces blown to smithereens 😉 It’s fun.
  6. Young Architect Building Set// I’ve noticed that a lot of gamers are also big into engineering and building. My aunt has an older version of this game and when we were living at her house while in transition, my boys played a lot with this. They design their buildings, put up the walls and doorways, and other architectural elements. It’s hours of fun.
  7. Legos// Hello. My very favorites are the Creator sets where they can create THREE awesome creations with ONE set. It seems like a better investment to me…someone is getting the Vacation Getaway set this year.img_2859 img_2861
  8. **FAVORITE!!** Bloxels// Um, genius. If your kid is into coding and gaming, they will love this game. First they build and design their own games using the instructions found in the app. They create characters, bad guys, and more. They do this all on a game board. THEN, using the Bloxels app, they use their game design and load that into the app and then they can actually PLAY the game they made instantly! I mean, it’s pretty brilliant. We’ve been experimenting a lot with this and a full review is coming!

I hope this helped think of some fun ideas for your gamer. What’s on your kids’ list this year?


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