11 of the Most Intriguing Gifts for Little History Buffs

I am a huge history buff–history has been well-studied in our home. My kids now are very interested in it as well. Yay! To encourage their love even more, there’s always some Christmas gifts for history buffs under our Christmas tree each year. Mama’s got to encourage good habits right?? I’ve listed 11 gifts for your history buffs here, although there’s tons of great gifts out there. And because there’s only about 8 billion amazing historical books, I included a bonus list of a few of our favorite historical reads.

Ready for some historical goodness??

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Gifts for History Buffs

  1. Ancestry.com// For older kids (and adults!!) this would make a super fun and unique gift! My boys are really into this. Give your history buff an Ancestry.com gift subscription for a few months and turn it into an awesome genealogy study! You could even do the DNA testing where you send in a saliva sample and get a reading back for your genealogy! How cool! Can I buy this for myself??
  2. American Girl doll and/or the movies and books// I know, I know. American Girl dolls are expensive and you can get cheaper versions at Target. But for me, the reason why we bit the American Girl bullet was partly because of the history factor. These girls are based off specific times in American history–Victorian days, the Great Depression, wars, and more. We have learned SO much studying our American Girl, Samantha. We consider this an heirloom that Sophia can pass on to her girls someday. Occasionally, we add to Samantha’s set for birthdays and Christmas. If you don’t want to go the doll route, please check out the books and movies. The new Mary Ellen movie is now available for FREE through Amazon Prime!
  3. Museum Pass// There’s nothing I love more than when we can give experiences rather than things. A yearly pass to the local museum would be perfect for your history buff.
  4. Tee’s from Wee the People//We love tees by Wee the People! wee-the-people-2 wee-the-people
  5. Abe Lincoln Bandages// One of my kids got these last year. They laughed and loved them 😉
  6. Quill Pen and Ink// Can you imagine anything cooler for a history buff kid than to mix up their own ink and write a letter with a quill pen?? No, I think not.
  7. Wax Seal Letter Kit// Oh wait. Maybe this is cooler.
  8. Ticket to Ride Game// I am SO excited about this game. I’ve heard nothing but great things. Don’t tell, but it will be under our tree this year!
  9. Project Runway History of Fashion Workbook// My Sophia (8) LOVES drawing and designing clothes. When I saw this, I died. She will LOVE this!
  10. Lincoln Logs// Classic AND historical. If you have a kid who loves Abe, he will love these.
  11. Medieval Kit by Kiwi Crate// You know we love Tinker Crate. The Kiwi Crates are just as cool for your creative-type kids. Your kids will make a catapult, make a castle with puppets, and make your own banner and more! You can purchase this as a single crate–no subscription required. history-book-collage

Books for History Buffs

  1. M is for Monocle, A Victorian Alphabet// Because of her American Girl, Samantha, Sophia has become really interested in Victorian Days. This book is adorable.
  2. My Little Golden Book about Abraham Lincoln// For your littlest history buff. Who doesn’t love a good Golden Book??
  3. Little House books series// Classics. A must for every home.
  4. Women in Science// This book is amazing. A fantastic mix of science and history.
  5. The Royal Diaries Series// Most of these are out of print but you can find them used on Amazon. Grab a few and start the series. They are SO great!
  6. The Hired Girl// Sophia (8) and I listened to this one over the summer. It is really interesting, turn of the century, historical fiction.
  7. Woods Runner// From the author that brought us Hatchet, this book is about a young man that has to protect his family during the American Revolution.
  8. The World Wars// For your older kids…this book is a beautiful (if you can say that about a war book) hardcover book packed with all kinds of info about both world wars. Photographs, maps, bios and more. It’s one of my boys’ favorites. (Order by December 5th for Christmas delivery!)


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