Right now the internet is a plethora of gift lists. You can find a gift list for just about every interest, hobby, walk of life, or age–except teen guys. They’re out there, I’m sure, but definitely less abundantly. Sometimes if you want to fix something you’ve got to fix it yourself–in this case, stocking stuffers for teen guys.

I love the stocking part of Christmas morning. So many wonderful treasures in that little sock. Don’t overlook the stocking, folks. There’s no need to stuff it full of chocolate and do-dads that will break the next day. Get something good! Get some useful things up in there!

Teenage boys aren’t as easy to buy for as, say, a flowery 7-year-old that loves everything, but there’s some great items out there that your teen guy would love and I’ve rounded up a TON of them for you!

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I give you,

Stocking Stuffers: Teen Guys

I find girls easier to shop for than my boys--especially my teen boy. I put my thinking cap on and thought up a HUGE list of stocking stuffers for the teen guy in your life that loves sports, reading, games, tech stuff, and more. A little bit of everything on this Stocking Stuff List for Teen Guys!

1. All kids have germs, no matter how old they are. Their own little hand sanitizer to stick in their backpack will at least encourage clean hands.

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2. Where when I was 13 I was asking for a big ol’ boom box with CD and cassette tape capabilities. Our kids are asking for a speaker to blast some tunes on a much smaller scale–space-wise. I wouldn’t have dreamed of getting something that played music in my stocking, but these days. there’s some great little blue tooth speakers that teens would love.

3. Lit Wit trivia cards! I love these. And those teens that want a bunch a knowledge they will probably never use again will love these too.

4. If you have a word-loving teen guy, these classic Magnetic Poetry packs are perfect. OR maybe you have a quiet teen that would rather communicate with you through magnet poetry. That’s cool too.

5. Every young man needs to graduate from a little kid watch to a more classic, long-standing watch. We have always loved Fossil products. I love their soft leather.

6. Oh socks. Where do you all go? Why don’t you have any match? Ever? My kids always get socks at Christmas. We love Smart Wool socks because they’re super warm for cold winters and they almost never wear out.

7. I don’t know what it is about these head massagers, but every time my kids get their hands on one, they will not stop massaging their own heads. Being a teen is stressful, y’all. And a head massager is cheaper than a real massage. Throw it in the stocking.

8. These itty bitty Rubix cubes keychains are perfect for teens just learning how to drive and getting their own keys. Let’s just hope they don’t try to solve it while driving.

9. Our teens have learned from the best (ahem…us) and text and carry on on their phones, even in the cold. We love these warm gloves with finger grips for texting.

10. iTunes gift card. Easy peasy.

Stocking Stuffers for Teen Guys

11. Guys need gadgets. I’m pretty sure it’s in the Bible. This classic survival tool will unscrew a battery pack, cut open a box, wrench things that need wrenching, open a bottle of soda, and hook onto your key chain. Can’t ask for much more than that.

12. Every dude needs a really nice wallet. It’s sort of a rite of passage for a guy–a good leather wallet. Again, we love Fossil products. The Fossil wallet I have is in top condition after at least 8 years.

13. Again with the gadgets. Teens have lots of stuff to plug in. I love this HubMan Charger.  How fun is that!?

14. Earbuds. Where do they all go? In your teen’s stocking, now.

15. Guys can were jewelry too–just a little bit, right? I love leather cuffs for guys.

16. Teaching our teen guys classic games is sort of important. It’s a good thing to pass old games down to your kids. Noah and Jarrod have been playing a ton of cribbage. Having their own personal cribbage board would be a great stocking stuffer.

17. I’ve been putting booklights in my kids’ stockings forever. I don’t think being a teenager means you have to read by a regular light…after the lights are out is still just fine.

Last Ten Stocking Stuffers for Teen Guys

18. Flashlights are another stocking staple in our house. Again, they disappear all the time. It’s the darnedest thing.

19. I remember getting my first real perfume when I was a teenager. Not just that Jovan Mist body mist, but real stuff–like Calvin Klein Eternity. It was the best! I’m pretty sure boys would love this too. My husband swears by Kenneth Cole scents. Try Kenneth Cole RSVP or another great smelling cologne for guys.

20. I’m not a big fan of stuffing stockings full of sugar, but I love this idea of a little bit more “grown-up” chocolate. For teen that like a little spice, Tabasco chocolates would be awesome!

21. Singing in the shower is everyone’s favorite–your teen is no different. Get them a waterproof blue tooth player for the shower so they can sing away!

22. Good pens are a rare find in our house. I buy them and they disappear in an instant. Get your teens their own favorite pens that they don’t have to share. My teen loves these ultra-glide gel pens.

23.  Again with the gadgets, you guys. Boys love them, and every good American boy needs a Swiss Army knife. I can’t tell you how many times a week I ask them to cut something for me–boxes, strings, they cut all the things for me.

24. My boys like sports, but they’re not so much into wearing their active wear all the time. I love the idea of a cute beanie in their favorite sports team. They can sport the athletic teams that they like while still looking stylish–not that looking like you just left the gym isn’t stylish, but you know what I mean.

25. Boys have a lot of energy–even teen boys. I love Thinking Putty for what it can do, and that is keep their hands busy while they have to sit still and listen. Thinking Putty has come a long way. Instead of just having a ton of colors to choose from, they now have magnetic putty, glow-in-the-dark, heat sensitive and more!

26. I started buying Noah a little bit more quality hair products once in a while and I can’t believe how much better it works. Really. It’s kind of spendy for a young buck, so I don’t buy it all the time, but Christmas is a special occasion. My favorite is Mitch, the men’s hair care line by Paul Mitchell. I love the Heavy Hitter shampoo and conditioner–and it smells amazing!

27. Movie tickets–like to the new Star Wars movie, perhaps?? Total day made for your teen guy.

28. Ahhhh they’re growing up. {insert crying emoji face here} This is the stuff you’re gonna buy anyway, so add some razors, toothbrushes, and other toiletries.

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  1. Thank you heather for this amazing list of stuff! Have you heard of CubbyCase? I recently heard about them from another parent and they’re a learning through play subscription box for children, by Harvard experts! Thought that would make a really interesting gift for kids.

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