Something happens to me a few times a year.  It’s like a domino-effect organizing/rearranging/redecorating/revamping thing strikes me and there’s no stopping me.  Last month I made it my goal to do some work in the living room/dining room area.  There’s still some things I would like to check off, but the progress so far is worth a post.  You can read about where we started and the goals I set to primp this room into more my style.  Getting to really change things has been so inspiring this season.  When you have rented for several years, having your own space to do whatever you want is a little overwhelming sometimes, but the ideas are swarming and I must stay off Pinterest now or my husband might disown me.

Here’s what we changed in the living room/dining room over the last several weeks:

New wall color
The wall color before was dark and not a very attractive color.  I used my favorite…Benjamin Moore’s Ashwood to fix it. This is an off white color, it’s got the warmest hint of grey and I love it.

Wall color before: 

Fireplace planking
I want to add planking to every wall of my house. Is that so wrong? My husband seems to think so, but he appeases me anyway. I’ll show you the other place we’ve put planking in our house so far, but I knew the space above the fireplace was calling for it.

Fireplace before: 

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We are still planning on pulling out the fireplace’s gas insert and removing the tile to put brick instead, but the changes so far are really making me happy.

Rearranging the furniture is good for the soul. I brought some furniture from other areas of the house and I love how it feels now. I still feel like we need more seating, so I’ll probably be rearranging again.

I also moved my desk to another area of the house, which really opened up the living room. Before…

Rug and curtains
Of course, I couldn’t find any curtains I liked. So I made my own. These are definately my cooler weather curtains and I’ll change them out again in the spring. The rug isn’t new. I just took it away for the summer and brought it back. I couldn’t find anything I liked, and I don’t mind this one so it’s staying.

Removed a built-in
Our house has a lot of built-ins, which is great, but it also creates a lot of spaces I have to arrange and keep looking tidy. My eyes can get overwhelmed really easily.  The space around our table felt really squished with too many shelves, so we removed one. It feels much better now. I still need to paint the remaining one white and hang that big piece on the wall, but it’s better than before…

Phew…I’m tired now. I’m going to sit and look at my beautiful trees for a while before all the leaves blow off. 


  1. How beautiful! What a transformation the wood slats make above the fireplace! Wow! I love it! Great paint color too, it really does brighten the room! Super job!

  2. Your living room looks gorgeous, and I am a little jealous of your fall color. We are still waiting for fall, here in CA.
    Have a great day.

  3. It looks great! What a cozy home you are making for your family:)

  4. What a lovely family room! I love the fireplace and your silhouettes, too.

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