Easter basket goodies rank right up there with stocking stuffers for me. Filling those little buckets or baskets with sweet gifts is one of my favorite mama things to do.

But I struggle. Because I cannot stand JUNK!

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Little toys that make noises that break in half. Annoying things that your kids like for five minutes and forget about.

Ya, I have no time or budget for that stuff.

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SO, I make it my personal mission each year to fill our Easter baskets with goodies that won’t be a waste of money and also reflect the season and the holiday–because I love spring and I love Easter!

You might have different ideas for the perfect Easter basket, so I made this super easy by giving you a TON of ideas.

I split the ideas up into categories for ease for the reader (you!) and ease for my own brain as I was planning this post. You’ll find: basket must-haves, book ideas, nature gifts, themed-basket ideas, religious gift ideas, and even basket ideas for your big kids and teens cause we’re not going to forget out those guys!

I hope this gives you some great ideas. Enjoy!

Easter Basket Goodies: The Must-Haves

There’s just some things that your Easter baskets must have. I’m pretty sure if our Easter baskets ever didn’t include sidewalk chalk, my family would know I was stolen and cloned by aliens.

Here’s a few things your baskets need each year–or at least this year! 😉

Miss Potter (the movie) /// This movie is one of my all time favorites and it’s perfect for spring. The story of Beatrix Potter and her struggle to publish her now famous Peter Rabbit books. It’s lovely. Perfect for Easter night.

Bubbles with Fancy Bubble Wands/// Bubbles are another item that never fail to appear in our Easter baskets. I think adding the fancy bubble wands this year will be extra perfect.

Fancy Stained Glass Easter Coloring Book/// Even my boys enjoy coloring the stained glass coloring books. They’re impossible to color outside the lines and you end up with a beautifully colored picture every time.

Stepping Stone Kit/// If you’ve never made a stepping stone with your kiddos handprint, get on this! It’s a great spring project and they’re precious keepsakes. We have many sprinkled around the deck and patio.

Sidewalk Chalk/// Again, a must! The bubbles and sidewalk chalk are the perfect Easter Day entertainment.  Add a Sidewalk Chalk Challenge for your older kids with a Chalk Mandala

Books for your Easter Basket

Peter Rabbit: Classic Set/// I’m going to try not to say precious too many times in one post, but man! These books are precious!! Classic stories that make great keepsakes too. And the size! They’re perfectly pocket-sized! Did I mention these books are precious?

Marshmallow /// The illustrations for this book got me. Marshmallow will be making her way to our house this year. It’s a Caldecott medal winner too.

Butterfly, Butterfly: A Book of Colors /// A sweet book for little ones just learning their colors.

Peter Rabbit: Touch and Feel /// Touch and feel books are a favorite in our house. This one is the classic story turned touch and feel book. Maybe a great option for your very littles before you get the real hardback books.


The Forest Feast for Kids /// The Forest Feast for grown ups has been a best-selling cookbook. Of course the kids version is amazing as well. This cookbook makes you really appreciate the beauty of food!

Nature + Gardening Gifts for Easter Baskets




Bug Net /// We use ours a ton. They’re great for capturing butterflies. And if nothing else, it keeps kids very busy.

Kid Gardening Gloves /// We buy a new pair of these each year. My kids love planting and working in the yard with me.

How to be a Wildflower /// Oh how I love this journal! It’s a beautiful book that makes a wonderful family nature journal. There’s pages with quotes, places to press flowers, and make natures notes.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt/// Wonderful story showing a behind the scenes view of what’s going on underneath the dirt. Shows roots and animal habitats. So fun!

The Gardener/// A sweet story about a little girl that inspires her caretakers to plant a garden on the roof of their building and add some beauty to the neighborhood. History lessons and great illustrations. Love this one!

Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots/// We’ve owned this one for years and use it every spring and summer. There’s so many ideas for planting themed gardens–like a pizza garden! Also ideas for planting flowers in unusual containers and more! Love this one too!

Wildflower Seed Bombs (with a Slinger?!?!) /// Wildflower seed bombs are so cool. This one comes with a bag and a slinger to whip them around! What!? How cool is that!?


The Reason for the Season: Religious Gifts for Easter Baskets

Scripture Lullabies /// Oh how we love these CDs! They’re songs created straight from scriptures. My boys used to listen to them each night. Now my girls do. You can listen to samples on Amazon.

The Donkey that Carried the King/// The illustrations for this one are so beautiful. The story of the donkey that carried Jesus on Palm Sunday. It’s wonderful.

The Ology /// May be described as a child’s first theology book. This book explains some of the hard-to-explain things in theology. Might be more beneficial for kids age six and up, but great for kids of all ages.

Thoughts to Make your Heart Sing /// Devotional based on the truths of the bible. “Draws insights from creation, history, science, the writings of great thinkers and preachers and writers, and more.” Listen to the audio on Amazon. You’ll want it.

Found: Psalm 23/// This precious board book is perfect for your little Easter kiddos. The illustrations are beautiful and tells Psalm 23.

The Biggest Story /// Retells the main stories of the bible in a beautifully descriptive way for kids (and adults!).

The Jesus Storybook Bible/// This has been a staple for a long time. The illustrations are gorgeous. And each story leads back to Jesus–the old and the new testament. It’s written beautifully.

Themed Basket Ideas

I messaged a friend for ideas on Easter gifts and she gave me a great one–themed baskets! Isn’t that great!? Here’s three ideas.

A perfect gift for your daughters. We have this journal and love it. We pass it back and fourth every few weeks or so. And the gel pens and Smencils are just so much fun! Your girl won’t be able to help herself!

Just Between Us: Mother + Daughter Journal + Gel Pen Set + Set of Smencils 


 Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Your Kids Will Love to Make + Child’s sewing scissorsA pack of patterned felt

Having kids make science experiments on their own may very well be the best way for them to get a little science in their lives. But, like my friend mentioned, it’s cool until they use up all your supplies that you have plans for. Hmmmm…maybe their own supplies will be an option.

Kitchen Science Lab for Kids + Big Ol’ Jug of Elmer’s Glue + Borax

Easter Basket Ideas for Older Kids + Teens

It gets a little trickier to find non-junky things for your big kids and teens. Easter is such a pastel, cutesy holiday. But I think it can be a good time to give self-growth type gifts for your older kids who have started thinking about bigger picture things. Here’s a few ideas.

Start Where You Are /// This journal is all about asking questions that your teen might not have thought about before. But mindfulness is always a good thing. A great journal with quotes and journal prompts.

Flying Lessons and Other Stories/// This compilation of stories from an array of writers will surely get your kids to think. We love Kwame Alexander and Jacqueline Woodson.

Wreck this Journal/// There’s a whole series of these journals. And they’re really popular with kids. Lots of ideas of things to journal and draw about.

Q + A a Day for Me: For Teens/// This is a three-year journal. Your teen will answer one question per day. After they’ve gone through a whole year, they can compare their answers year to year.

The Playbook: 52 Rules to Aim, Shoot, and Score in this Game Called Life/// Again, we love Kwame Alexander. This is his new book–a quick read about rules to “aim, shoot, and score in this game called life.” Perfect for this age group of kids. Love Alexander’s inspiration he has for on kids!


Whew! I hope that have you some good ideas. Enjoy filling your Easter baskets, friends!

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  1. Thank you for the ideas and recommendations. Wishing you and yours a Happy and Blessed Easter.
    Marilyn and family

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