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If there’s ever a season to do this, I’ve definitely learned to simplify spring homeschool. I’ve mentioned before that spring is typically the hardest season in our homeschool. It’s busy. Our calendar is off the charts crazy. We’re all growing a little weary of school and getting ready for a summer break. Even still, I want to finish strong and there’s so much goodness to enjoy with my kids in the springtime.
Because I’ve heard from many of you that spring is hard for you as well, I created a cheat sheet of sorts to help you simplify your spring homeschool session as well. You can watch the video below for a more in-depth explanation of each item on the list, OR just skim down the list for some great ideas to make your life easier this spring AND end your school year on a good note.

15 Ideas to Simplify Your Homeschool This Spring

4. Great conversations. Check out Mary’s new book on TONS of conversation starters with kids!
5. Around the World Stories to ease into your homeschool day.
6. Pick a project from a favorite writing book.

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7. Daily reading essays: American Almanac  
8. Study the lives of Saints! The Precious People 4-week study
9. Take it easier on the math. Call Nicole the Math Lady for help. OR use Key To books for a gentler approach.
10. Ditch history for this busy season and use Pin-It Maps instead.
11. Simplify your planning with monthly planning pages. 
12. Go get a bird feeder and hang it by your school table window.
13. Take school outdoors on the first nice day!
14. Do a Teacher’s In-Service Day. Clean the school space. Read a good book. Plan the next month of school. Purge old papers.
15. Ditch grammar and spelling for spring.

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