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I’ve been sharing my seasonal plans here lately as way to hopefully give you some inspiration and to hold myself accountable as well! So far, I’ve shared our December School plans, our cozy winter homeschool plans and today is our homeschool plans for spring.

Homeschooling in spring has always been my toughest season. I start feeling the pressure to finish and wrap up all the things. The weather starts to warm up and beckon us to get out in it. Baseball starts and our evenings quickly start to fill up–it gets SO busy!! My kids start to feel cooped up and inattentive. But I find that the best way to handle all the spring obstacles and finish strong is to have a good plan.

Stink at homeschool planning? Don’t worry. I’ve got a great post on how to plan when it’s not your forte. 

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But even with the obstacles of busy spring homeschooling, there’s so much to look forward to as well.

Organizing our homeschool plans for spring

It’s great to come up with all the fun plans for your homeschool, but quite another to actually DO the plans, right!? Recently, I’ve started using a tool that I am in love with: Monthly Lesson Planning Pages. 

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These pages are divided by week and subject. This way, as I’m planning, I have a hugely messy notebook pages full of notes of things I want to do. Then I break down all the things into weeks and guesstimate how long each idea will take. When I get the general idea in my mind, I’ll use a pencil to fill in my Monthly Lesson Planning Page, week-by-week.

I am loving this because as I look at the list, it’s not this massive list of things I have to finish in a day–it’s by week, so we have a whole five days to finish. And if we don’t finish in five days, it’s probably that I’ve planned too much and I can remove something or move it to the next week.

Still need to fill in “art” here, but it’s so hard pick! I want to do ALL the art!!

Plan, adjust, follow the plan, repeat. 

You’ve got this, mama! I hope your homeschool this spring is lovely–equal parts laid-back and productive. I know it will be.

With that said, here’s a look at our homeschool plans for spring session.

Our homeschool plans for spring session


I’ve gotten over the self-imposed pressure of having to finish the entire math book. We haven’t finished a whole math text in years–and we’re all happier for it. We are still using and loving Saxon math with Nicole the Math Lady. She is amazing and makes our math SO much easier. Like a personal math tutor that comes to your house every single day.

I’ve also added in the series Key to Fractions on days where we need a shorter math day. Busy days don’t allow for the time my kids need to finish a whole Saxon lesson. These “Key to…” workbooks are exactly what we need on those days.

Books + Morning Meeting

We’ve been tired lately. Super tired. With the Olympics, birthdays, family dinner parties, house guests, kid activities are starting to get busier for spring wrap-ups and the like. We’ve been up late and we’re feeling it. But a good way to ease into our day has been starting with our Morning Meeting, which currently just consists of a big pile of books. 

Here’s what we’re reading, and will be reading this spring:

  • Call it Courage and a HUGE amount of other wonderful titles from Beautiful Feet Book’s Character Study. We’ve been loving this so much.
  • Sophia’s War–my kids are obsessed with this one and it’s perfect for our history study. Avi is such a splendid author!
  • Women in Sports–a great tie-in with the Olympics
  • Johnny Tremain--our read aloud on deck.
  • A Little Princess–another read aloud coming up!
  • American Almanac--I recently re-discovered this one when cleaning off some bookshelves. It’s a daily reading about American history. Short readings, perfect for Morning Meeting. 
Photo courtesy of The Peaceful Press.
  • Because Easter is coming, it’s Lent, and I’m so enthralled by the lives of Saints, I am really excited to add some daily readings and weekly recipes from the new curriculum from The Peaceful Press, The Precious People. We’ll cover one Saint per month in the month of March–Saint Patrick during the week of St. Paddy’s day of course!
  • Around the World Stories have become another daily staple in our mornings. My kids love these stories! They’re a great way to make over-tired-crabby kids be still and quiet while they wake up and eat breakfast.

History + Geography


This season, I’m anticipating art to get shoved to the back burner on our busy weeks. I hate that, but it’s just the truth–when our spring season gets really busy, something’s gotta give.

We will continue to choose projects from Deep Space Sparkle Membership Club. We’re using art bundles from the Sparkler’s Club on:

  • Art from India to go alongside A Little Princess read aloud
  • American history art projects
  • and maybe a little Pop Art if we have time!

We’ll also be using lessons from Chalk Pastel’s Spring Bundle as well. This is one we did last year.

**NOTE: The Chalk Pastel Spring Bundle is a HUGE bundle with tons of videos and e-books–totally set for any spring art you’d want to do**



This is the time of year we start noticing nature more, watching the birds coming back from warm places and eat from our feeders, and take longer walks outside. Two resources I’ll be using for great ideas for nature study are:

I hope these spring plans are inspiring to you! Let me know YOUR spring plans in the comments below!


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