How to Easily Create Your Own Natural Egg Dye

Recently we did an awesomely fun art/holiday/science project…natural egg dye.  I have wanted to do this forever.  The beautiful natural shades looking ever so elegant on my Pinterest boards compared to our vividly electric blue from our Paas kits.
We went for it this year.
Let me warn you though, this is not a project for the faint of heart.  I felt like I could have used a stiff drink after all this, but it was so worth it.
At one point, all four burners were occupied by bubbling fruits and veggies, there were Cheerios all over the floor, grape juice spilled down the cabinets, and a pile of cracked eggs quickly accumulating.
I would suggest you put on your organized pants this day…a pair that were definitely in my ironing pile on Wednesday, and have things set up before the project starts.  It is fun for the kids to make the dye too, but maybe have things chopped ahead of time.
Either way, we got some pretty fabulous eggs.

How to Make Your Own Natural Egg Dye


Our favorite concoctions were the beets, the purple onions, and the turmeric.  The purple onions produced the most beautiful jade green.
Here’s the foods we used and the ratio of water to veggie to vinegar.



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I think its important to tell your kids these dyes are different than Paas.  They might be disappointed if the colors aren’t as vivid.  We had lots of cups of dye and took turns with the different colors and some were left in for even ten minutes.  When we got done, I had them leave their final eggs in for about 30 minutes.  These are the results…


…natural Easter egg bliss.
We decided the beets was the worst smelling dye, but it did produce some gorgeously dark pink eggs.


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Have fun and Happy Easter!




  1. Love this! Our chickens lay brown eggs, and when you dye brown eggs with the Paas kits you get a similar effect (for anyone with tons of little kids like me who is completely overwhelmed at the though of boiling veggies! Haha)

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