28 THINGS TO DO IN MARCH Your Kids Will Love!

There’s fun things to do every month. But the start of a new season and a new month? Now that’s even better! Today, let’s talk about fun things to do in March.

The start of a new month can feel like the first day of a new year sometimes. I love thinking in themes. Many of our unit studies revolve around the months. This post might help spur some ideas in your homeschool, your home, your kitchen or your bedside table’s stack of books.

Get those planners out and start making some fun plans for March!

28 Things to do in March for mamas and kids!

Things to do in March for kids and mamas

  1. Lent is beginning. We’re going to be reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible and using our Resurrection Eggs this year.
  2. Plan a maple sugaring unit study
  3. Or go to your local nature center and watch a sugaring demonstration
  4. Study the saying “in like a lion, out like a lamb” and figure out where it originated
  5. Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd
  6. Go outside and enjoy nature. Favorite guides and spring topics:
    1. Beautiful Birds
    2. Frogs and Toads
    3. Remarkable Rain
  7. March 15th is Ides of March day. It’s the first day of the Roman calendar’s new year. Julius Caesar was murdered on this day. Read some Ancient Roman books to learn more about the Ides of March. THIS book about Julius Ceasar might be a good place to start.
  8. Study St. Patrick
  9. Make a traditional Irish feast on March 17th
  10. Read books about Ireland
  11. Buy a shamrock to put on your table
  12. Serve Lucky Charms for breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day
  13. Make shamrock shakes
  14. Think ahead: Gather goodies for kids’ Easter baskets 
  15. Study Purim on March 11th
    1. Read about Esther
    2. Make traditional Purim treats
  16. Celebrate Pi Day on March 14th
    1. Bake a pie
    2. Read books about Albert Einstein. THIS is a great biography to start with and THIS book has a ton of fun ideas to study more about him. 
  17. March 25th is Elton John’s birthday. Listen to some of his most famous songs during Morning Meeting. Print out the lyrics and use for copy work today. SIDE NOTE: I’ve been loving Amazon Prime’s music option. If you have Prime, you have access to a HUGE amount of music–for free! (well, not technically, but it feels like it.) You can download tons of Elton John music with your subscription and skip songs, repeat songs, etc. Like Pandora or Spotify but so much better!
  18. Make a terrarium and bring some green indoors
  19. Read Anne of Green Gables and then watch the movie
  20. Shop for spring clothes for yourself and your kids
  21. Get your outdoors ready for spring! Rake the grass, clear out the dead branches from winter, and fertilize the lawn. Do this instead of a sit-down day of school and call it Landscape Studies 101.
  22. Our garage takes a beating during the winter. Snow gear everywhere, gravel and salt on the floor drug in from the car tires, sleds and snow boards everywhere. Take a few hours to organize, sweep, and vacuum. Your kids can help! Blare some music and make it fun!

    This is what my garage is supposed to look like. It’s a hot mess right now. Must get a cleaning date on the calendar.
  23. We’re heading into homeschool conference season. They can be really overwhelming because some of these conferences are huge! BUT I’ve learned so much and found so many great new resources from conferences too. Check to see if there’s any in your area. If so, plan on just going for one day to check it out. I’ve always left feeling really jazzed to finish our school year strong!
  24. Pull out some of the old Disney movies for family nights. My favorites are Pollyanna and The Parent Trap. 
  25. Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday is March 30th. Celebrate by making some beautiful art based on his techniques. We offer an amazing course with tons of video instruction all about Van Gogh. 
  26. Take care of you: book a massage or pedicure to slough off the winter
  27. Work on one thing you’ve been meaning to–like getting up earlier or going to bed earlier
  28. Make a general summer plan–make hotel reservations for family weddings or graduations, sketch out trips or camps for the kids.

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  1. I Love these guides but I especially love when you do them as a printable! Then i can print them off and put them in our binder or on the fridge 🙂

  2. Watch your inbox, babe! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much!! So many great ideas! Would like to have it in printable format as well.

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