31 Things to do in April That Your Family Will Love

Hey, hey!! It’s April! Such a fun month; the days in are getting warmer on a consistent basis, Easter!, daffodils, and baseball. So many good things. There’s a million things to do in April, but I’ve narrowed it down to 31 things.

Things to do outdoors, things to do for yourself, things to do with April holidays, and just good ol’ fun things to add to your days.

Remember, this is not a checklist. It’s an inspiration list. You’d kill yourself trying to do all this in one month. Pick a few things that jump out at you if you’re needing a little pick-me-up. File the rest away for another month or another April.

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Looking for some ideas to do with your kids this month? Here's my Fun Things List: April! Here's a big list of fun and functional ideas for April!

Fun things to do in April

  1. April is National Poetry Month. Take advantage of this by reading a short poem to start the day each day. Some of the poetry books we love:
    – Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein (or anything by him for that matter)
    – A Family of Poems a collection of poems by Caroline Kennedy
    Poetry for Young People Series– I love this series because each book features one specific poet. The poetry is paired with beautiful illustrations, info about the poet, and it also explains tricky parts of the poems that might be hard to understand. There’s a ton of books in this series.

2. Study Russia so you can make pysanky eggs! Here are some links to videos of us creating some pysanky: Part ONE and Part TWO

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Here are a couple of kits if you want to try it at home:

3. April 22nd is Earth Day. Read some great books about this special day:

  • The Lorax–classic Dr. Suess story about conservation and taking care of the earth
  • Tidy–the sweetest story of a badger who wants to tidy nature…ha! The illustrations on this one are the best!
  • Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth–This book is so great. It’s an A, B, C guide of what you can put in your compost pile. Great collage illustrations too.

4. In the spirit of Earth Day, hold a “Recycled Art Competition” and create something beautiful from the recycling bin.

5. Leonardo Davinci’s birthday is in April. Read a fun biography about him this month! We love THIS ONE!

6. April 15th is Titanic Remembrance Day. There’s a ton of fun things you could do to study this.

Read If You Were a Kid Aboard the Titanic. It’s a fun book about what kids would think were cool about sailing on the Titanic. My kids loved this one: I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912! Your kids could color in Dover’s Titanic coloring book while you do some reading. I also found this fun wooden model kit that would be perfect for your kids to work on while you read to them or while they watch a documentary.

7. When you make eggs for breakfast, carefully crack them open, rinse the shells and dry. Fill with a little bit of soil and plant grass seeds. Draw faces on your shell and the grass that appears will make fantastic hair!

8. Springtime is baby time in the animal world! This is a great time to head to the zoo and check out the baby animals. (Or look up baby animal videos online!)

9. Watch Miss Potter together as a family. It’s a beautiful movie and makes me think of spring!

10. Speaking of Miss Potter, plan a slow afternoon of learning about Beatrix Potter. You can do some watercolors, read Peter Rabbit, and check out some of these books:

April Holiday fun things

11. April Fools Day! Plan some fun little tricks for your kids today!

12. Make natural egg dye to get ready for Easter.

13. Passover begins on April 8th. Hold a Sedar Meal as a family and learn about the story of Passover.

14. Read a few books about Passover:

15. Make a diorama depicting your favorite parts of the Passover story.

16. Decorate for Easter. You can check out our Peter Rabbit party for ideas!

17. Fill some Easter baskets with dirt and quick growing grass seed. Start at the beginning of the month and by Easter you’ll have baskets full of beautiful Easter grass.

Things for Mama to do in April

18. Scour local toy shops and the internet for useful and fun items for your kids’ Easter baskets. I’ve created a HUGE list to get you started!

19. For those of us that take summers off of homeschooling, we’re almost to the finish line for this year! That was fast, right!? Take some time at the beginning of the month to sit down and plan out the last weeks of school. Write down your goals and ideas for the remainder of the year. Then plug those ideas into your calendar so you make sure they happen! Don’t plan too much, just be intentional with these last days and finish strong!

Click here for my lesson planning pages!

Image of HOMESCHOOL LESSON PLANNER PACK (pink)https://shop.aliciahutchinson.com/product/pink

20. Do some spring cleaning. Go floor by floor and room by room. As you clean, have a bag for garbage, donate, and sell.

21. Get excited about next year’s homeschool! Here are some of my very favorite homeschool books. Treat them as “sessions” at a conference and take notes to continue making your homeschool better and better.

22. Buy tulips or daffodils at the grocery store and set by your sink for a happy little reminder that spring is here!

23. April showers are here! Time to take stock of kids (and mama’s!) rain books and spring jackets!

24. Take inventory of kids’ spring clothes. My kids always want their shorts out as soon as the weather turns.

25. Find a lovely read to enjoy before be that’s just for you! Nothing about parenting, homeschooling, self-improvement–just a great memoir or fictional read that you ENJOY!

Outdoor things to do in April

26. Plant tulip bulbs in your garden

27. April 28th is Arbor Day. Go outside with your nature journals and make a visual list of the different trees in your yard.

28. It’s almost gardening time! It might even be time right now if you live in a warmer climate. Sit down with your kids and sketch out what you want to grow together.

29. Clean out your bird feeders and/or purchase a few more to put around the yard. Place them by the windows for easy viewing. If squirrels are a problem, place a Slinky around the pole of your bird feeder hook. I didn’t think it would make a difference, but it works great at deterring them!

30. Purchase some caterpillars and start growing some butterflies to release outdoors in a few weeks.

31. On a rainy day, head to the garage to create some cement stepping stones to put in your garden this spring.

Looking for some ideas to do with your kids this month? Here's my Fun Things List: April! Here's a big list of fun and functional ideas for April!

That should get you started with some great ideas to keep your days full and fun this month while you’re learning well with your kiddos. Tag us on IG if you document any of your adventures from the list! 

Looking for More Fun This Month?

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  1. What a lovely surprise to discover my COMPOST STEW on your list of fun things to do in April! Thank you so much for including it, Alicia, and for your kind words about my book!

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