How to Create Bible Dioramas

I’m going to share something from our school room that definitely deserves a nod…it’s pretty awesome.  Or I should say, my kids are pretty awesome. We created Bible Dioramas last week and I can’t wait for you to see!

Our school year is winding down.  I’m starting to clean and put papers in order.  Our last day is Friday (!!!) and we’re going to spend the day cleaning out desks and enjoying the first freeze pops of the year. Cheers to freeze pops. Looking around at all the projects we’ve finished makes me happy.  Its connected to not only a lesson in history or whatever subject, but also a day of creating together.  We do a lot of projects in our homeschool.  Some turn our great, and others, not so great.  But these bible dioramas are begging to be talked about.

Usually, for each unit we do the bulk of the reading and “learning” about the person or topic that we’re studying and then I choose some projects for them to do at the end of the unit to tie it all together.  One of our favorite projects to do is dioramas.  We’ve made forests, mountains, deserts, a Medieval scene,  and Davy Crockett and the Alamo.

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This year we studied Ancient times, which of course includes the Bible! We covered some of the main Old Testament stories and I had them each choose a story to make a diorama about.

How We Created Bible Dioramas

Noah chose Moses Parting the Red Sea

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What I loved about this project was how particular about their dioramas each kid was.  They chose their materials and had visions of what they wanted it to look like.  Noah cut cardboard for the waves and glued rock down for the sea floor.  Playmobil fish are in the waves too. 
Sophie chose the Plagues of Egypt and the Passover.  I think we covered all the plagues here.  Frogs, gnats, drought, dying cattle, blood river, body sores, darkness.  I helped her quite a bit, but she provided the ideas. 
Dioramas are great way learning tool. Here's is a close look at how we created Bible dioramas in our homeschool to learn more about the Bible.

Last is Jack’s.  He chose to create the battle at Jericho scene.  I love what he came up with here.  He even added a Tabernacle, which I forgot was even in the story.  The wall is made of sugar cubes, the Tabernacle is a tiny box with wood figures for the angels.  He didn’t forget Rahab either.  Her red cord is hanging out the window. 

So amazed at how creative children are and I feel so privileged to get to teach them this way.  Teaching my kids is one of my biggest passions, and as we tie up another school year, I’m enjoying this time of cleaning and remembering all the things we did this year.  It makes up for the days I felt like we weren’t accomplishing anything!

Happy day to you, friends and don’t forget to come back next Tuesday!

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