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Happy Monday, folks.  In true May tradition, we are in full fledge crazy mode.  It’s all fun but basically my calendar looks like a strategic defense map, meaning absolutely nothing to anybody but me.  Thank God for photographs though, right? Because this month has flown by!

Saturday was Sophia’s third ballet recital.  She got her three-year trophy and beamed all day about that thing.  It’s proudly displayed by her flowers beside her bed. 

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This year’s family photo after recital.
Last year’s family photo at recital.  Crazy how everyone changes in 365 days.

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Downtown Asheville never disappoints. 

Sunday was much more relaxed, with the big kids at a baseball game with Jarrod, leaving me with the wee one.  She boycotted naptime, but we sure had a heck of a hair styling session instead.  She decided it was a good day for her first pair of pigtails.  I obliged.  

Don’t forget tomorrow I’ll be releasing the first book of my new ebook series! I’m so excited! It looks like just Planning & Organizing will be released tomorrow, but Homeschool Basics will be out very soon! Don’t forget to comment on last week’s post for a change to win a copy.  Tell your friends!



Speaking of ebooks, I just purchased this one from my friend, Cindy, and it is fabulous.  If you love Charlotte Mason or want to know more about her, buy this book.  Its simple to read and a great reference. 


Good day to you, friends! May your day be full of light and love and may your coffee cup never be empty.


  1. So do you ascribe to Charlotte Mason's methods? I'm just starting my own homeschool journey this fall, though I myself was homeschooled (ok… so it's only preschool this fall… that still counts, right?… I figure that gives me time to create a mission and all that before I start teaching her K). Anywho, I began looking into various philosophies and lots of homeschoolers are Mason fans, it appears. Most my friends are Classical Conversations members. I lean classical but maybe not that far. I'd love to hear your opinion on her methods!

  2. i cannot believe how cute you all are. i know you already know this…..but that son of yours……would be the *perfect* husband for my girl. just sayin.

  3. Pigtails so cute, and how exciting an e book I'm sure its going to be absolutely awesome for the homeschooling parents.

  4. Gosh, your family is beautiful! And isn't it amazing how much pigtails change the look of a little one? I remember just staring at my youngest the first time her hair was long enough for me to put up. It totally changed her! 🙂

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