Pen Pals Forever

My online friends are so special to me.  They are unique and inspirational and the coolest part is that we were connected by none other than the world wide web.  I’ve made so many great memories with these friends, but I’ve never thought about getting my kids into the fun too.  Several months ago, my friend Amy (@littleforalittlewhile on IG) asked if Sophie would want to be her daughter’s pen pal.  Um…yes! The last several months has been full of the sweetest little packages, notes, and fun trinkets. They have loved it.
Noah still writes to his bestie in South Dakota, so he was covered, but Jack was feeling left out.  It wasn’t hard to think of a friend his age.  Mr. Henry, little guy of Mary (@mary.kraus on IG) quickly obliged to being Jack’s pen pal and its been so fun.  I love seeing what they write in their sporadic handwriting.  Its all misspelled and crooked and perfect.
I found them each a cute set of personalized stationary at Tiny Prints and they loved it.  I also got matching address labels too. 

Beyond notes, we tried a new experiment this weekend…fun mail.  Did you know that you can mail pretty much anything under 13 ounces through the mail without a package? Yep, you just need stamps.  I was a little self-conscious as I stepped up to the postmaster’s desk with an armload of frisbees and lip balm, but it worked.  We added our stamps and were good to go.  I won’t go into details of the weirdo looks I got from the 1,300 people in line behind me.  

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We don’t send enough mail.  Real mail.  Email is ultra boring, although it gets the job done most times, its just not that fun.  What could be more fun than getting a Frisbee in the mail?
Mail makes people smile.  Its one of those little joys…running to the mailbox to see what we got! I’m especially excited for Ms. Patsy to get her mail this week.  One of the letters Sophie sent out on Monday was a letter to Ms. Patsy.  She was the sweetest lady that Sophie struck up a conversation with in the bathroom at a restaurant a few weeks ago.  She was elderly and maybe a little lonely.  She told us she had one son and couldn’t have anymore children, but she had always longed for a girl.  She and Sophie peeked at each other from across the restaurant for the rest of the evening, and before Ms. Patsy left, she handed Sophie her address penned on a napkin and asked her if she’d be her pen pal.  I know Ms. Patsy’s going to love her mail this week.  Maybe we’ll send her a Frisbee.



  1. Pen pals are the most fun ever! I actually still keep in touch with mine since the fifth grade! I hope miss Sophia and orelia become life long friends! We're counting down the days until we get to hug you girls!!

  2. That's so sweet! I have tons of penpals and love them all! If your daughter is looking for another penpal buddy, my daughter is her age and looking for one. She sends letters to all her friends but none so far are interested in writing back.

  3. Love this idea. I have been thinking more about sending my friends snail mail as well. Love letters to my girls so to speak. When I was in college (when email was new and you used to check it once a week. ha!) we used to write the BEST letters and I still have them saved and cherished. Typing just doesn't have the same connection.

  4. Henry JUST got his frisbee today!!!
    HE was ECSTATIC and then i had him come in here and check out your blog to see jack. SO COOL!

    He's got a pile of things growing for Jack, but his mama has been BAD about mailing. Tell Jack to hang in there….stuff is on its way! 🙂

    Thank you!

    Now, Henry is carrying around the frisbee inside the house WITH his pic of Jack.

    SO cute!

  5. I agree – we love real mail! I'm having Caroline write a letter each day during summer vacation…Hopefully she'll love writing letters as much as I do!

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