Weekend Wanderings

A summary of our weekend in mostly pictures….
First Popsicles.

Reading and Writing.  (I’m working on a few fun writing projects that I cannot WAIT to tell you about.  I might tell you about one of them tomorrow just for kicks!)

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Fun mail. (more on this fun project later this week too!)

Get the 6 Secrets to a Simpler Mom Life

Geocaching. (Never lets us down…well, ok that one time it did, but mostly its super fun!)
Chalk art. (I mean, so cute, right!?)

Happy Monday, friends! Off to baseball…are you so surprised??


  1. Babies + popsicles are a fun combo. And your chalk art is AAAmazing. Enjoy these last few weeks of school–only 13 more days here!!
    Susan @SugarBeans.org

  2. sweetness seeing little Vera with a popsicle. i can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve that you are working and I love to see your chalkart, you got some skillz gurl! I'm stealing your gimme 5 for a butterfly study this week. Have a fabulous week, only 9 more school days for us! Yeehaw, we have almost made it through the first year!

  3. Looks like a lovely weekend indeed! And you got THE book! Yippeeee! Makes me want to order a copy now. What's one more Amazon order right? Think Josh will notice?

    Your babies are beautiful! First popsicles are a big deal! How have I not squeezed Vera yet?

    And your chalk art is simply magnificent!

  4. Vera Mae is such a cutie – well, wait, y'all are ALL cuties, but those cheeks!! Looks like a fun weekend. Can't wait to hear more about the fun stuff up your sleeve! xo

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