This post was going to be titled something like “Dear Jesus, is it June Yet?,” but then I remembered this picture from earlier this week and rethought it.  May brings to an end a whole year’s worth of activities so its bound to be insane.  Throw in a couple extra curricular activities I don’t normally have and there you have it, a recipe for crazy.  But in spite the recipe for crazy, there’s a little voice in the back of my mind whispering that it won’t be this way forever.  There will be Mays of no activity and hustle and bustle.  And then I’ll miss this.  Go figure.

My capacity to create complete sentences is nil so here’s some snippets:
baseball and lots of it
oh wait, its my night to bring snacks to baseball
Vera has a weird rash..
…reaction to her immunization?
better make a doctor’s appointment
writing assignments due for me
oh ya, school
dirty bathrooms
spilled Rice Krispies (aka: dinner)
the flower pots are dry
ballet dress rehearsal
dress rehearsal again
better find a babysitter for that
does Sophia have the right colored tights??
do we have milk?
did I email that person back?
did I teach my kids to tie their shoes??
wait, where are my kids?
I should take a nap
empty all the debris from my car
but keeping it in there hides all the dirt
ok, I’ll leave it
buy stuff for the last day of school summer basket (another summer basket)
correct math
balance checkbook
place Amazon order
tell Jarrod he’s doing the Daddy + Daughter dance
sign him up for said dance
sign up for summer camp?
no, do not sign up for anything
get haircut
pack for trip
breathe into paper bag
go to sleep
wait, is it easier to just stay awake?
Vera has a lighter
publish blog post.

Please tell me your Mays look similar.  Lacing up my shoes to keep running this May-Race….with camera around my neck to remember it of course.

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