I’ve had this idea swimming around  my head for a while now.  I’ve wanted to do a big blog redo, making it easier for folks to navigate and find things and make it more streamlined and clean.  Mostly though, I’ve been thinking I need to rename this space…but to what?

The title of a blog is important.  It gives, at first glance, the general theme of the blog.  What will I be reading about here? When I started blogging almost 5 years ago, I chose La Famille.  I still love that name.  It means “family” in French, which is what I blog about and I love the French language, so that was my twist.  But the thing about speaking French in the States is that well, my blog title was mispronounced a lot.  And also it’s one vowel away from a ginormous drug peddling family in Mexico, which made for some interesting links connected to my blog about making play-doh and sidewalk chalk art.  So there’s that too.  I wanted something thing short and sweet that covered all the bases of what I do.  That question of course lead to, what do I do?  I mean, yes, I’m a mom.  Yes, I’m just like everybody else, cleaning, making meals, trying to do better.  Yes.  But what’s it all for? Why do I do this? Why does it matter?

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Finding our purpose is one of those things that we all search for.  What is this life for, right?  I know exactly what I do, but why do I do it?  Why does my heart beat faster over a well-thought out schedule or why does a themed party make me want to twirl through the aisles of Wal-Mart while I gather supplies?  Why does sewing shorts for my little ladies get me goin’ like it does?  And what is it about road trips that make me break out the notebook and highlighters and start sketching a game plan?

We’re all put here for a purpose.  I think a lot of us, myself included, spend so much time trying to figure out the why’s that we miss out on the what because we’re too busy trying to figure it out.

My answer and my title came as I’m sure many answers come, from the lyrics of a Mumford and Sons song.  Those boys know how to pen some poetry and they just happen to have banjos and some amazing accents to set it all off.  Awake My Soul was on.  The lyrics repeated this:

“In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die.

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.”

And it hit me.  That is the why.  It’s an investment of love, all of this is.  I unexpectedly found my purpose when I had my kids, unleashing a fierce love in me I never knew existed that extended to my home, my work, my creativity, for them, for family. 

I am Investing Love.  This is my purpose. 

It’s small in the scheme of the world, but means so much to my little brood.  Chances are this is what you’re doing to, Investing Love in your people.  We invest our love, and in turn, our life.  I write about it here to encourage, to share, to vent, to stretch my creativity.  I am so grateful for those of you that come here to listen to me sharing.  I love your feedback and your encouragement.  Thank you.

Here’s to Investing Love today.

I hope this change isn’t too confusing.  The feeds should all be fine, as I’ve just changed the blog title and not the domain name.  Just ignore the mess in the sidebar and the navigation bar while I reorganize and clean up over the next few days and weeks. 


  1. I was confused at first, but hey, who wants a drug peddler association ? ๐Ÿ˜‰ love the idea behind the name!

  2. Perfect sweet friend!!!!!
    I love every moment of purpose behind this name change-Mexican links and all!
    Yes-pure poetry M & Sons!
    M xx

  3. Oh yes, I just absolutely love this! And I love following your journey, you're definitely one of those moms I really look up to and would love to meet in real life someday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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