There’s times, in the middle of a project with my kids, that I wonder what the heck I’m doing this for and why I didn’t just have them watch an episode or three of Wild Kratts.  I mean, paint every where…transferring paint from container to container till we found one that worked….beads flying…. baby hands in paint….just ridiculous.  But then I realize that everyone is having a great time.  So Wild Kratts can wait and we’ll do this messy thing, because yes…it’s worth it. Painted and/or Beaded Serving Spoons, yer welcome. 🙂

So without further ado, this next gift your kids can make and give is brought to you with much messiness and fanfare, but I can promise it’s a great time: Pretty Serving Spoons…both beaded and painted.

Painted or beaded serving spoons are a great gift to make with your kids. Handmade Christmas gifts are so much fun to give.

How to make Painted Serving Spoons

What you’ll need is sets of wooden spoons (I found mine at WalMart), thin wire, small glass beads, needle nose pliers, and craft paint.

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My idea here was to dip these.  Like all good plans, we hit a few snags.  I couldn’t find a container tall and skinny enough to dip the handle in and when I did…Vera’s bottle (!!)…I didn’t have enough paint to fill it up high enough to get the whole handle.  It was a messy transferring of paint over and over until we finally settled on using foam brushes.  Just note our mistakes before you tackle this project.

SO, using foam brushes, brush a thick coat of your bottom color onto the handle.  Let that dry.  Then brush on the second color.  Let dry.  Then the third…moving down an inch or two with every color.  They turned out great…all things considered.

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How to Make Beaded Serving Spoons

This project was SO good for Noah to do. If you have an older kid, this is perfect.  I think they turned out beautifully.  First take your wire and cut off a good amount…like a couple of feet.  Loop and twist one end through the hole in the spoon.  Then have your little artist thread beads on and twist however he or she pleases.  When you get to the bottom of the handle, just twist the end back up with the rest of the wire.  So pretty and so fun to give.





I would definitely put a note that tells your recipient to hand wash these spoons.  Also, I would tie these together with a basket of goodies you make with your kids.  They will love giving something they made.

Have fun!


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  1. Lovely! I have some beaded serving spoons I received as a gift several years ago & they are still my fave to bring out for special occasions!

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