Today’s gift your kids can make is an oldie but a goodie.  My kids have made these several times and they are so quick and easy…and they love to give them.  Triple bonus.  I love hanging up a personalized kitchen towel at Christmas time. And if it’s a personalized kitchen towel with kid art? Even better!  All you need a big ol’ box of crayons, some paper, some transfer printer paper, and iron and some plain white dish towels.
 Use kid art to personalize kitchen towels to create great gifts!

Kitchen Towels from Kid Art

Start them out by having them draw some simple Christmas pictures.  Keep them simple because sometimes more complex drawings are harder to transfer onto the dish towel.




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Next, follow the instructions to print the drawings on the transfer paper.



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Last, just press your dish towels so they’re nice and flat and iron on your drawing.  These are so fun to give, especially if you tie them up with a set of pretty serving spoons!



Use kids' art to personalize kitchen towels to create great gifts!


Use kids' art to personalize kitchen towels to create great gifts!
Happy Wednesday, y’all!


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