Happy Thursday, friends! This week has been absolutely crazy…maybe because we’ve been packing in so many projects?? I’m off for more house hunting today, so my week seems shorter than usual and I’m leaving my kids with family so we can focus on the hunt, so really–even though it was a little crazy–I’m so glad we took time to do some hands-on projects this week, especially this one.  So. Much. Fun.  So much fun, in fact, that we got done with it and decided to make another batch just for the heck of it.  These would be a great teacher gift, sister gift, grandma gift, or friend gift.  I give you: Bath Fizzies!

Handmade Christmas Gifts: How to Make Bath Fizzies with Kids

How to make bath fizzies with kids
We actually found this recipe on Martha Stewart’s website and altered it a little bit.  You might need to go shopping for a few things, but the ingredients aren’t too hard to find.
For one batch of Bath Fizzies, you will need:
How to make bath fizzies with kids

First thing to do is fill your little spray bottle with water and just a little bit of food coloring.  We wanted ours to be a really blushed color, not too dark.  I don’t think you’d want to turn your recipient green in the bathtub.  Mix this together and set aside.  You’ll be glad you did when your hands are all messy later.


How to make bath fizzies with kids

Now, mix together the citric acid, the baking soda, the cornstarch, and the Epson salts really well.

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Then, using your spray bottle, spritz the mixture and mix with your hands until it sticks together.  It will still be a little crumbly and that’s ok.

How to make bath fizzies with kids


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How to make bath fizzies with kids


Next, mix in your essential oils.  We used lavender and a eucalyptus mint combo.

Then, mix really well with your hands again and press into your ice cube trays.  Try to press them in so they’re really packed well.  Let dry overnight.

How to make bath fizzies with kids

The next day you’re going to have so much fun popping these out.  We even tried some out and they work so well! So excited to give these and the kids were so proud.

How to make bath fizzies with kids


How to make bath fizzies with kids


How to make bath fizzies with kids

I can definitely see us making more of these.  They were very quick and easy…a little messy, but so worth it.  You can use whatever essential oil and color combo you like, the possibilities are really endless.   Have fun with this one!

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  1. Love these!

    I'm trying to convince
    my 16 year old (broke)
    son that he needs to
    make his gifts this year,
    so maybe he/we will
    give them a whirl!

    Have fun house hunting!

    xo Suzanne

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