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How to Easily Create a Simple Christmas Bullet Journal

Christmas brings so many things for our brains to hold; gift lists, checklists, addresses, recipes, dates to remember and so much more. Post-It notes are not going to cut if for this occasion. We need a place we can hold everything in one place.

Are you like me on this? You see the PERFECT gift idea for that hard-to-buy-for person on Instagram or read a great gift list post, then your kid needs help with something, you get pulled away from the great idea and then *poof!*the idea is gone forever.

BUT, what if you had the perfect little spot to keep right by your computer, in your purse, in your back pocket (??) and always have it close at hand to capture those great ideas into a list. This is a much better option than *poof!* *poof!* Am I right!?

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I once read that you should really begin thinking about Christmas on November 1st. I’m not always great at this, but I am committed to being proactive this year and being ahead of the game and get my shopping and planning done early this year.

I’ve always had a holiday planner, but a few years ago, I decided to create a Christmas bullet journal.

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What’s a Christmas Bullet Journal?

I am NO bullet journal expert–and they are out there–but it’s a pretty simple concept that can be created however you want really. A bullet journal is basically a notebook that you modify to suit your needs. In the front, you create a table of contents and you number your pages as you go, adding the pages to the table of contents. If you’d like to see a little tour of my Christmas bullet journal, you can check out my (SUPER old) YouTube video on it to get a better visual.

How to Create a Christmas bullet Journal

Start with a plain notebook. I am using a basic Moleskine notebook, but you probably have something on hand that would work just fine.

Start creating your table of contents. First, you’ll have to think about what you need to include in your notebook.

Things to Include in your Christmas Bullet Journal:

More Tips for Your Christmas Bullet Journal:

  • Choose a notebook that can easily fit into your purse so you can take it shopping or add it while you’re waiting at piano lessons.
  • Make this be your landing spot for all things Christmas–NO Post-It notes flying around.
  • Create this journal early, preferably right after Halloween, so you can utilize it early before those great gift ideas slip away.
  • Make your planner work for YOU, don’t try to copy and paste someone else’s organizational techniques. Take the idea and shape it to fit how you’ll use it.

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  1. I just started bullet journaling recently and I love Christmas so this article just hit the bullseye for me – thank you! I’ve just started my new Christmas Journal this morning and really excited to see how it develops.

  2. I started Bullet Journaling this June and it’s been a real miracle in my life! I started thinking about Christmas this weekend and thought “Hmmm, how can I use my BUJO to help me be more awesome this Christmas?” I checked Pinterest and found this article. Thank you for the Great Ideas! Now my scattered files and slips of paper once again have a place to call home.

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