“Why don’t you have any gift lists for dudes?” he says. I’m not sure why I’ve never done a gift list for men, but that all changes today. My very own husband has compiled his master list of gifts for guys–men, husbands, dads, uncles–it all applies here.

I worried it might be a bit late in the season to add another gift list to the mix. But let’s be honest here, ladies. Husbands are HARD to buy for and usually the last gifts we buy!

So ya, there’s still plenty of time for this one.

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Is your husband the last one on your shopping list too? Check out this gift list for men...written by my husband for loads of inspiration!

A Gift List for Men, by my Husband

Alicia has been knocking out these posts all holiday season. I figured it was time this space had gift guide for men. Alicia’s has been blogging since Al Gore invented the internet, but his is my first blog post so please bear with me as I may have gotten a bit wordy…I was obviously very inspired here.

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Y’all know how the holidays aren’t for us dudes. We buy something when we need it year round, we don’t have a list and we are more concerned with the budget than what’s wrapped under the tree for ourselves. What this usually leads to is the kids grabbing something off the end cap at Target the week before Christmas (which is fine by the way).

Here is a list of some of my favorite things to help with your shopping the last few days of shopping.

Man Things

I’ve had this exact knife in my pocket for 15 years… although I’ve donated several on accident to security points at baseball parks, airports and concert venues. It’s the perfect size and isn’t bulky in my suit pants.

Middle of the winter and still grilling. The cheap grilling sets are disposable. I’m liking this  stainless steel grill set as nothing can melt or burn on it and it has everything I need.

This little speaker isn’t top of the line like you’d want in your office or when you are entertaining but I use it in my garage or outside. It puts out decent sound, it’s waterproof and I may have gotten like a military grade prototype or something but the battery life is 10+ hours.

I lose coffee thermoses on what seems like a weekly basis. So for a guy like me, please don’t spend $40+ on a fancy one they sing about in country songs just to see it fall off the top of my car as I drive out of the parking lot. This brand makes a mighty fine compromise.

I’m not sure if cribbage is a Midwest thing for ice fisherman, hunters and my family but I’ve collected several boards over the years. I gift them also and try to lure anyone into learning so I can teach them then steal their points and take their money. Kidding, kind of…..

Here’s one for the cultured arty guy. Kidding, it’s for the beer guy that wants something cool hanging above the tool bench: State Beer Tab Maps. I like that they come in different states so you can put all the local beer caps in there.

If you want to go more Don Draper with a bourbon on the rocks or an Old Fashioned; whiskey cubes are the way to go. Some of these also double as Popsicle molds for the younger crowd. Alicia mentioned something about making great bath bomb molds? I have no idea…

Anything from Duluth Trading Company is great if you’re after some rugged outdoor gear. Their sizes run large and they’re a bit spendy but their stuff lasts forever.

Tools for your Guy

This is one of my favorite tools in the garage when I’m working on any project that requires a lot of cutting. Simply put the board in the right sized slot and you can make a cut anywhere without table or the need for something to lift it off the table.

Fat Max is the only tape measure you should own. I’m sure you’re thinking that the dude in your life has 10 tape measures but check to see if any of them are a Fat Max. It’s alright to give a duplicate gift as long as it’s an upgrade.

A ratcheting screwdriver is an upgrade to the regular rack of 25 in the tool box. I never use any screwdriver but this.

Go big and get him an upgraded tool set. I had one that lasted about 10 years and 10,000 Mrs. Hutch driven projects. This is a legit set.

Stocking Stuffers for Men

Any dude with a fat square wallet ruining their back pocket needs this in their stocking. I like the card wallets with money clips. I also dig the wallet phone cases. One thing to grab on the way out the door.

Kind of a dorky one here but I like nice pens. I only use these Pilot pens at work and I like to use a fancy heavy one from time to time. No one ever walks off with a black Bic Round Stic pen from a waitress but they can’t keep the nice pens from leaving the building.

How many times have I had to put my cell phone in my mouth while using it as a flashlight? Gross and inefficient, right? I like these little pen sized flashlights. Like a pocket knife I always have one of these but in my inside coat pocket. We seem to have flashlights in our stockings every year. It’s an “Alicia thing.”

I don’t know why I like these carabiner’s clips and key chains so much. I have dozens of them and I clip my keys to my belt loop and I don’t care if it’s janitor style worthy. This brand is legit; they never break and they have a large variety.

Gifts for Husbands: Something to Wear

I’ve had one of these watches forever and wear it almost every night and every weekend. I love the fancy watches when I’m at the office but this is bada$$ watch. I’ve had mine for a decade and it’s dead on because it’s atomic. It’s solar powered so it never needs a battery change. Opt for the tough solar because it can’t be crushed as opposed to the cute colored ones the kids are wearing these days to match their shoes.

I used to wear Smartwool but they seemed to stretch out and wear-out. I’ve switched to Keen socks, Under Armour and anything from Duluth Trading Company.

Boots are my favorite. Casual boots, work boots, motorcycle boots, hunting boots, snow boots, hell my dress shoes are wingtip boots. These Palladiums are my most recent favorite. Think combat style Converses. The brown pair, I own, but you can get the original model in green or black a bit cheaper.

I have my eye on these belts with interchangeable buckles and straps. I like the idea of no holes as I plan to eat an ungodly amount during the holiday season and every season for that matter.

A wise man once told me if you want to stay somewhat in style keep your jeans and hair updated. It’s hard to find jeans these days that don’t look like ballet tights. I think this pair of Levi’s is a good compromise. They are straight fit and somewhat slim keeping up with the style but they aren’t so tight that they look like broga pants.

I wear a neck tie to work 4 or 5 days a week. The Tie Bar is a great website as you can sort by color, material, pattern, suit color, occasion and you can also choose longer lengths and 3 different widths. I buy the 2 ¾ inch which is still trendy but not so thin I look like I’m trying too hard to be hip. Again a cliché gift but very welcome when it’s an upgrade.

I also dig the pocket squares and tie bars from The Tie Bar. It’s just a little more stylish or Don Draper-classy if you are sporting a pocket square and a piece of jewelry holding your tie in place.

Get the man a Cubbies hat. Not one of those so called “dad hats”. Get the flat bill, fitted, on the field, made in America, New Era Cubs hat. GQ might make you think it’s a bad style move to look too young. They’d be wrong. It’s a move to celebrate America’s past time. I suppose his favorite team can substitute for the Cubs as long as his team isn’t the Cardinals, Dodgers or Yankees.

Everyone looks good in Ray Bans. They look good with a suit, a t-shirt or at the beach…or in my case, the frozen tundra. Damnit.

I’d be exiled and quarantined if I had an incurable disease for every time my wife asked me to take off my disgusting shoes when I’m in the house. The thing is I like wearing shoes in the house but she is right; I wear my shoes in public restrooms and then walk in her living room. So the answer is to go full Mr. Rogers and get some house shoes (cardigan optional). I like slippers but they are for Sunday morning and are always insulated and hot. I like these driving mocs or classic slip on Vans.

Grooming Gifts for Husbands

Burberry Brit is my go-to scent. I switch it up every so often by it seems that this has been the favorite of Mrs. Hutch over the years. I like that she likes the way I smell.

My son has long rock star hair. I have coarse graying hair (some call it Clooneyesque, I hate that since Clooney is like 55 and I was 25 when I started graying). We both use this shampoo conditioner and it is wonderful. It smells manly as opposed to the lemongrass, cucumber, lavender, tea tree oil all natural stuff we used to use of Alicia’s.

Man soap…. ‘nuff said. It’s expensive but the bar is seriously 3 times bigger than a regular bar and it’s called Biga$$ brick of soap and that is funny to me.

Beard Care for your Husband

Its winter and beards are always in. You’ve got to care for the beard or you’ll look like a Movember participant gone wrong. I like this beard wash and beard oil to make my face smell nice and my beard soft. The trimmer is a necessity for upkeep. If the dude you are buying for doesn’t have a beard get him this anyway because its winter and he should have a beard.

Gifts for Husbands: Something to Read

I feel like I always have to have a book but I then I imagine a 700 page book with 60 page chapters and get overwhelmed. I usually go to Dennis Lehane when I want a crime/suspense novel. It almost seems like he knows his books will be made into movies. But Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island are a hundred times better than the movie.

No need to start a debate here but baseball is the world’s greatest game. If you’re buying for a sports fan or a stats junkie the best sports book I’ve read in a while is  Smart Baseball .

I don’t cook or bake but I can turn meat on a grill. I’m not all that creative so a cookbook for the grill is inspiring.

Last year Mrs. Hutch got me a subscription to Time Magazine and the local newspaper (Sundays only). We still like to hold the paper at our house. I look forward to it every week and our oldest reads it also.Is your husband the last one on your shopping list too? Check out this gift list for men...written by my husband for loads of inspiration!

More Do’s (and Don’ts): Gifts for Husbands

More acceptable gifts:
• Gym clothes, shoes, bag. Even a gym membership. Please tread lightly here our Dad bods have feelings too.
• Baseball tickets or concert tickets (as long as it’s not Sara McLaughlin or similar.)
• Date night gift cards, dinner and a movie. I like to go out on the town with Mrs. Hutch.
• Clothes or simple jewelry (like a leather bracelet) especially when they are an upgrade!
• Gift card for a tattoo. Just recommend to avoid placement on the neck, knuckles or lower back.
• Back massage, car wash, lawn mowing or a guy’s night out. I’ve always liked that.

Not all that acceptable:

• New tires or something I have to buy, I already bought it or planned to buy it.
• Self-help books. Kind of rude.
• Gaudy Jewelry. I’m not Mr. T or Johnny Depp so I’m not wearing a 4 lbs. pinky ring and 10 necklaces.
• Again no Cardinals, Dodgers or Yankees.
• Vape pens. Never Vape pens.

Ahhhhh, well that was fun! And hopefully really helpful, as I know you’ve still got to buy gifts for your hubby! I know Jarrod would love to hear your feedback on his list–and very first ever blog post! And let us know what you’re buying YOUR hubby this year! 

Let us know in the comments below! .

More ideas for gifts for guys:


  1. Great list! I definitely got some ideas. My husband has similar taste and has some of these things. This was also a fun read. I was cracking up!

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  3. Awesome read!! I can hear Jarrod talking when I read this… love the cribbage line about luring them in so he can steal their points and take their money! We are going to have to play a game the next time you guys are in town!!!

  4. My favorite lines: “It’s alright to give a duplicate gift as long as it’s an upgrade” and “It’s hard to find jeans these days that don’t look like ballet tights.”

    In any case, this is much-appreciated. My husband is a firefighter/construction worker and hard to buy for. He has many of the things he needs, he buys them himself, and his needs are often specific and I don’t want to screw up an expensive purchase. I’m always stumped. Added a bunch of these items to his wish list. *thumbs up*

  5. Great gifts ideas–thanks! And the frank/snarky/hilarious writing style was so great I’ll probably read it again just for kicks 🙂

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