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A Gift List for Men: By Mr. Hutchinson

It’s been five years since my first ever blog post (and only blog post ever if you’re counting), so it’s time for a little refresh on the old Gift List for Men. I can assure you that my style and likes haven’t really changed, so the list from 2017 is still relevant in my opinion. However, I have found a few new things over the years, and I’m happy to share them with you in the hope that your guy receives something amazing this Christmas! Let’s jump right in.


A lot of men neglect this because they don’t care. Aren’t you sick of everything asking how you landed such a beauty of a wife, looking like a slouch?

Philips Norelco OneBlade — I switched to an electric razor a few years back. First of all, if you grow facial hair, you should keep it. I only shave my neck, and always have at least a little stubble. This Norelco OneBlade is more like a
regular razor blade and never causes any nicks or cuts. It also avoids that hamburger look on your neck from ingrown hairs.

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Thayer’s Gentlemen’s Shaving Line — These products from Thayer’s are fantastic (aftershave balm, aftershave lotion, shave cream). The aftershave doesn’t burn and it smells like something your grandpa would have used (if your grandpa was Don Draper or Frank Sinatra). I also use their unscented toner every morning and night. Spraying that mist on my face might be the least manly thing I do on a daily basis but give me a break, I have skin too.

Dr. Bronner’s — We’ve switched to organic, natural hippie products for a lot of things we eat and put on our skin. I prefer the peppermint scented Dr. Bronner’s for soap. The cheapest I’ve found is at Trader Joe’s but you can get it on Amazon for a little more and avoid having to endure the real hippies at Trader Joe’s.

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Duke Cannon Cologne — I always have a bottle of Burberry Brit but my mother in law gifted me this Duke Cannon Sawtooth scent and it’s all MAN. It’s woodsy and strong at first but settles down well, and compliments the Thayer’s product above.


Reebok Nanos — Reebok Nanos are the best training shoes on the market. They have a flat sole so they aren’t for running, but I haven’t found a better training shoe for lifting. Running is cool and all but everyone should move some weights around.

Micro plates — These Micro plates clip onto dumbbells and allow slight overload. Seems hard to jump from the 45’s to
50’s in a lot of isolation lifts but these add 2.5 lbs so you can keep progressing.

Gym Bag — I stuff too much gear in my bag and searched for the right size forever. This Under Armour bag has plenty of room for shoes, a belt, and a change of clothes. I like that it’s a convertible back pack/duffel.

Redcon1 — Redcon1 is my go to for protein and pre-workout. Not gonna over hype their service because shipping often takes a long time and I’ve had orders messed up often, but they do run BOGOs all the time and they always throw in free t shirts, hoodies and water bottles.

RVCA Yogger Shorts — I dig these Yogger shorts from RVCA. Super comfortable, durable, and stylish. They are the perfect length, showing just the right amount of leg (Mrs. Hutch likes my legs and I like that she likes my legs). They are a bit on the expensive side but they are always throwing out new flavors so last year’s models are always cheaper. These run a bit big, so size down if you want a more fitted look.

Bigger, Leaner, Sronger by Michael Matthews — Great read if you are into the science behind building lean muscle. Bigger, Leaner, Stronger by Michael Matthews comes with workout plans and a link for downloads.


Howler Brothers — I love me a pearl snap shirt. These Howler Bros shirts have more of a concrete cowboy surfer vibe than Ariat or Wrangler. They run big and are more of a classic fit than slim.

Retro Wranglers — I like the ole Wrangler patch and boot cut fit to cover my boots. Most Wranglers are high waisted and super tight. These are a straight fit and boot cut so they look good with your Tecovas but don’t crunch your manhood like the cowboy cut traditional fits.

Duck Camp Rooster Hat — This hat from Duck Camp has a rooster on it. I like that.

Fresh Clean Threads — Everyone gets a million ads from these premium t shirt companies. So you’ve probably already taken the bait and clicked on them. These Fresh Clean tees are exactly as advertised. They make fat dudes look fit and fit dudes look fitter. I like the V-necks and have bought sweatshirts and polos as well.

ASICS Tiger Runner Shoes — I’ve owned several pairs of Vans and Converses over the years but sometimes you need a little classier sneaker. I like the retro styles of these ASICS and they are comfortable enough to put some miles on them.


Wallet — Every man has been gifted a hundred wallets. I’m always switching them out. This is the last one I’ll ever buy. Tons of card slots, a money clip, and a little pull handle to pop up your most used cards.

Knife — I’ve had this pocket knife from Gerber in my pocket for 20 years. It’s the perfect size and affordable, which is important because I’ve lost dozens of them.

Handkerchief — Every man should carry hankies. Don’t blow your nose in them if you can avoid it. That’s just nasty carrying a snot rag in your pocket. Seems like I’m always wiping something up, or someone gets a bloody nose and I need it in emergency situations. It can also wipe my tears when watching made for television Christmas movies. Just kidding I haven’t cried since the Cubbies won the World Series in 2016 and don’t recall a time before that.

Grilling + Coffee

Meat Church — This is my go-to for seasoning. I started off with the variety pack but now I buy the Honey Hog and Honey Hog Hot in bulk because I use so much of it on pork shoulders. They also have great hats and gear. Smoke meat not meth.

Electric Meat Thermometer — For the casual griller that hasn’t quite perfected their craft. Full disclosure, I still never get chicken breasts right without a thermometer.

Grill Gloves — I’m always handling big chunks of smoked meats. These are great for grabbing straight off the smoker and pulling pork.

Black Rifle Coffee — We’re huge coffee drinkers and go through 4-5 bags a month. I like that Black Rifle Coffee supports Veterans and First Responders. I signed up for the subscription service about 4 years ago and now everyone is frustrated when we have to drink lesser quality coffee.

Coffee Grinder — Act your age and get the whole beans and grind them up. It’s so much better that the five year old ground stuff on the shelf.

French Press — Now we’re getting fancy ya’ll! I just keep doubling down on the coffee. I like the French Press for my afternoon coffee in the wintertime. It’s so much richer than drip, and it packs a huge caffeine kick.

Other Ideas

  • Concert or baseball tickets. The Turnpike Troubadours are back together and touring. Everyone wants to see the Cubbies play at Wrigley. So many options here!
  • Socks and underwear are perfectly fine if they are high quality and an upgrade.
  • Gift Cards are also cool but don’t do a generic VISA. Stop by the gun range or a local golf shop.
  • Subscriptions are fun too. I get Tabletalk magazine, Guns and Ammo, and The Backwoods Home Magazine. I like the car wash subscriptions as well, but I can’t help but they are money laundering (if you know, you know).
  • Add to the vinyl collection. I recommend Turnpike, Zach Bryan, Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers and Charles Wesley Godwin. I like to only buy epic albums on vinyl.

Things to Avoid

  • I do like self-help books, but it sends a rude message. Here’s a book to be a better husband, you loser!
  • End cap garbage trinkets. I get that they are kind of fun, but they are always trash and up breaking. With the exception of the hard boiled egg cooker and the waffle maker we picked up and love.
  • Something that is for you. Example: Hey honey, I booked a trip for you to go see the Magnolia Silos that I actually wanted to go to. Guh.
  • Clothes that you want him to wear that he will never wear. Sorry babe, I hate turtlenecks. They make me feel like a big dumb tree that reads stupid books at a coffee shop.

I hope this is helpful! To be honest, we aren’t all that picky. We’ll just buy what we want after the holidays when everything is on clearance anyway, so don’t stress about it. Merry Christmas ya’ll!


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