The Best 36 Gifts Your Teen Guy Will Love

Stocking stuffers for teen boys might seem like the toughest thing on your Christmas gift list, but no worries. I’m here to help. I’ve interviewed my teen son and almost teen son and gotten the inside scoop.

Stockings in our house are a highlight of Christmas morning. Everyone grabs their stockings first. You should know that a few things on this list are bigger than what would actually squeeze into a stocking. Reason being, Santa loves to roll things up and surround the stocking with smallish gifts, making it look like the stocking is EXPLODING with goodness…which it is!

I’ve said in my other stocking stuffer guides that what’s in your stocking Christmas morning is important! My “rules” are these: stocking stuffers have to be useful and/or interesting. NO future Goodwill items allowed!

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Stocking stuffers for teen boys doesn't have to be the hardest item on your gift list. Here's inside scoop from my teens for the BEST stocking stuffers.

Alright, with the rules in place, let’s get started.

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  Images courtesy of and stuffers for teen boys doesn't have to be the hardest item on your gift list. Here's inside scoop from my teens for the BEST stocking stuffers.

Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys: Useful Things

1.Phone wallet // My husband uses this type of phone case and it’s super handy. Maybe they can keep track of their cash this way?

2. Dollar Shave Club Subscription // How special would your guy feel to get a fun box in the mail like younger brothers and sisters!?

3. Cool Beanies // This is a staple in a teen wardrobe.

4. Dressy Gloves // How many times are you going somewhere kind of dressy and your kid comes to the car with ratty gloves? Give a presentable pair to wear to church and little sister’s Nutcracker performance.

5. Head Phones // Because they are always, always lost.

6. Dress Socks // Same as the gloves…there’s nothing worse than looking at your dressed up son with gym socks sticking out from the ankles of his trousers.

7. 3-in-1 Crew for Men // The guys in my house love this stuff. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash…in one. ONE product…so guy-like.

8. Grooming Kit // Because it’s high time they learned these self-care practices.

9. Casio Watch // Noah has worn this watch for a year now and it’s his favorite. Plenty of buttons and functions girls would never use, but guys eat up.

10. Robe // A cozy, grown-up item to roll up for a teen’s stocking.

Game Stocking Stuffers for Guys

11. Game of Phones  (found at Target) // A trusted friend told me about this and I can’t wait to give it. Basic just of the game: prompts are given for a challenge using their phones like: first person to text your mom, post a pic to IG, etc. This sounds like the perfect party game!

12. #hashtag Game // Players must create a post based on the hashtag they draw in a limited amount of time. The game gets even more challenging when the number of words are limited.

13. Wordical // A great family game, but really fun for teens. Players draw consonant cards and roll the dice for vowels to try to create words really quickly.

14. Resistance // My son LOVES this game. It’s for 5-10 players and makes for a great party game. Basically, one of the players is the mole and you have to be able to act like you’re not. Alternatively, the non-moles have to try and figure out which person IS the mole. Super fun!

15. Sneaky Cards // This is a FABULOUS game for brave teens. This is a “pay it forward” game where each card gives a challenge like, “go take a selfie with a stranger.” Then the player gives the card to said stranger so he/she can keep passing it on. There’s loads of random acts of kindness in these cards too. Love that.

16. Kanoodle Extreme // The advanced version of Kanoodle from the Kids Stocking Stuffer list. Great for travel and building brain skills. I love logic games!

17. IOTA // I love this game because it’s teeny tiny and PERFECT for a stocking. Players build a grid based on their cards–another great logic game.

Stocking stuffers for teen boys doesn't have to be the hardest item on your gift list. Here's inside scoop from my teens for the BEST stocking stuffers.


Feel Good Stocking Stuffers for Teen Guys


18. Magazine Subscription // Noah loves reading the Time magazine that comes every month for my husband. Magazines can be tricky. Many aren’t great for teens–either too young or too advanced. But they can also be great ways for teens to expand their ideas and grow. Boys’ Life is a great magazine for tween Boy Scouts.

Magazine ideas for teen guys: Popular Science, National Geographic, Upfront (published by NY Times), or Wired.

19. Coin Counting Jar // My teen guy is always saving for something. This is a really fun way to watch those coins add up. A great morale booster too!

20. Guy’s Guide to God, Girls, and the Phone in your Pocket // I love to subtly give my teen literature on remaining true to himself and remembering who he is. This book will be going into his stocking this year.

21. Headspace Meditation App // Personally, I think teens of this generation have a ton to deal with that we never did. I would have NEVER thought to try meditation as a teen, but research shows that this practice is amazing for teens’ mindfulness. This app is hands-down my favorite app on my phone. Snag a subscription for your teen and remind him to use it!

22. Bonsai Tree // Mr. Miyagi knew what he was talking about. Having something from nature in your bedroom is life giving! Grab one at your local nursery or use the link here.

23. Career Book // This is such an exciting time in the life of a teen…the opportunities are endless! I love looking through career books with my son and thinking about the exciting “what if’s.” We own and love DK’s Careers and I also found another that looks wonderful and has great reviews: The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success.

School-ish Stocking Stuffers for Teen Guys

SO you might be able to take the Mrs. Claus from the homeschooler, but you can’t take the homeschooler from Mrs. Claus. My kids almost always get some educational stuff snuck into their stockings. 🙂

24. Circuit Kit with Lighted Bricks // This is a GREAT little kit. My boys loved playing with circuits when they were younger. This one is perfect for a teen guy stocking.

25. Wood Puzzle Cubes // Another great game for logic.

26. Math “Notebook” // These notebooks might seem school-ish, but kids actually REALLY like them! My teen looks at his “notebook” all the time for reference.

27. 1984 T-Shirt  (Next three items found on Out of // I love everything on this website. This is my favorite t-shirt.

28. Edgar Allan Poe Socks // I mean, how fun are these!?!?

29. Sherlock Holmes Sweatshirt // Noah loves Sherlock Holmes. A great addition to a teen guy’s stocking!

Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys: Just for Fun

30. Stranger Things Sweats (found on // I just finished the series with the boys and we were completely obsessed. I love that Target is carrying Hawkins Middle School gym sweats. SO good!

31. Shakespeare Insult Band-Aids // Because teens are snarky and so was Shakespeare.

32. Pop Socket // I see everyone using these things. SAVE THE PINKIES!

33. ENO Hammock // We LOVE our ENO hammock. It packs into a tiny bag (perfect for stockings) and you can pretty much hang out anywhere.

34. Palladium Boots // These might not technically fit into a stocking but they are well worth the trouble of finding a bigger stocking. These boots were the fall shoe buy in our house for Noah and he wears them all the time. They’re a cross between hiking books and Converse shoes. SO perfect!

35. VR Headset // All the rage this year and affordable! Yay!

36. Magnetic Dartboard // A staple for a teen guy’s room….and won’t leave tiny holes all over the walls. Glory! Stocking stuffers for teen boys doesn't have to be the hardest item on your gift list. Here's inside scoop from my teens for the BEST stocking stuffers.

More for your teen guy…


If you can’t find enough stuff to fill your teen’s stocking in this article, check out these for more ideas:

Happy shopping, friends and Merry Christmas!


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