Raise your hand if you have a Christmas gift to buy for a teen and you don’t know where to start. Ya, you could get your teen new clothes or a new bag and they’d probably really like it. But what about something that they’ll open Christmas morning and say, “Oh wow! This is really cool!” You need some cool teen gift ideas. Let me help you with that.

Finding unique and gifts is my favorite part of gift giving, but teens can be so tricky to buy for. Anticipating that you might be looking to find some different gifts for your teen too, I thought a teen gift guide was in order. We’ve already talked about Stocking Stuffers for Teen Guys. Here’s a list of great ideas for girls and guys on your list.

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Christmas Gifts for Teen Guys and Gals

  1. Budda Board// I’ve shared this on a previous gift guide, but this is a great one for teens too. This thing is so relaxing. My kids caught me in the museum gift shop one day playing with this, totally mesmerized. 
  2. Pillow Spray// Teens need sleep. Apparently a lot of sleep. I love this pillow spray by Bath + Body Works. I’m sure it would become highly appreciated by your sleepy teenager.
  3. Word Games// My teen loves playing games. But we’ve sort of moved beyond the kiddish games and onto more sophisticated games. I’m eyeing this one and this one for this year.
  4. Framed Map of a Special Place// A very personalized gift that your teen can hang in their room. I framed a map of the Outer Banks in my boys’ room–my son’s favorite place. We also have a framed drawing of the Biltmore Estate. Another favorite. 
  5. Subscription Box// It’s the gift that keeps on giving. We love Tinker Crate and this would totally work for your younger teens. Here’s two others I thought would be great. The Dollar Shave Club for your new shavers. How cool would your teen guy feel getting his own razors in the mail each month. Super cool. The price for the club is really good and right now you can get the first box for just a dollar. I’m going to sign up my hard-to-buy-for hubby as well!For the lady folk, I’ve heard GREAT things about Birch Box. Cool new makeup, lotions, and other beauty products to try each month. Very very fun for your teen ladies.

More Teen Gift Ideas…

Teens still like one-on-one time with their parents…I think.
  1. Classic Books// Your teens will have to continue reading classics for the rest of their high school and college careers, so keep building their libraries! Don’t stop just because they’re getting older. Find some books that they will read and reread as they get older. Here’s some classics I’ve had on my shelf since high school:
  2. Manual to Manhood//This one is obviously just for the guys, but it looks so cool. How to grill a steak,  how to respectfully break up with a girl, how to cure razor burn, etc. It would be fun to wrap this one up with a pocket knife or something boyish.
  3. Q+A  a Day Journal for Teens// I LOVE these Q+A journals for adults, so I’m sure teens would love this version. Each day your teen answers one quick question and records it with a date. But the coolest part is that it’s a three-year journal, which means, they can compare their answers from previous years as they use the journal more and more. Would be super fun to give with some nice pens.
  4. Succulents or Chia Pet// Succulents are all the rage right now and Chia Pets are sheer magic all the time. Too bad the Donald Trump Chia Pets are sold out, but there are many more to choose from. Teens will love putting these in their rooms.
  5. Spikeball// We got this last summer and it’s become a really fun outside game. It’s like volleyball in reverse. It packs up nicely in a bag so you don’t need a ton of space to store either. Great for groups! So if you live in a warmer place (as in, not Minnesota), this would be a great option for you!

I hope this helps with teen shopping woes. It’s a real thing.

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