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I cannot even believe I’m saying this, but my new favorite toy of 2016 is a game–a video game. Yep, I said it. The mom who reeeeaaaaaalllly doesn’t like gaming is writing about a game…that she loves. Bookmark this one. Technically isn’t not really a game. But you make a game, which is even cooler. What I’m talking about is Bloxels. SO this is my Bloxels review for you all.

Ok, let’s back up. I received Bloxels from Timberdoodle Company in exchange for an honest review. I had pretty low expectations because I knew it was something to do with gaming and I’m pretty much a pessimist about that stuff. But then we opened the box…A review of my new favorite creative video game. Bloxels.

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What is Bloxels?

Here’s the quick explanation: kids use the Bloxel app plus the special game board and mini Bloxel pieces to create their own games.

Here’s the more detailed explanation:

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  • First your kids will use the super simple game board to create their first “room” of their game. Each color in the Boxel set represents a different aspect of your child’s game. There’s a color for the coins, the bad guys, the ground, etc.
  • After they build their first room, they take a photo of it with the Bloxel app with your smart phone. When you do this, it adds the room to their game instantly.
  • The next step is to create their pixilated “guy”–the main player of the game. Again they take a picture with the app and add it to the game.
  • The app instructs the child step by step until their game is built and then the fun part…
  • PLAY! My kids have been LOVING playing their own games that they have created! How exciting!

Here’s a fun little video with a demonstration.

What we are loving about Bloxels

There is so much to love about Bloxels. It’s creative and fun and smart. Here’s a few things we are loving.

  • My kids are being super creative with this. The players they have created have ranged from turtles to girls to boys to more and more.
  • I feel like it’s more than just vegging out and playing video games. There’s thought behind this. They MADE the game! They created something that they then get to play with.
  • My kids are learning a ton about technology. They’re learning how to navigate through the app on their own without my help.
  • The Timberdoodle site says, “Bloxels’ kid-friendly video game design is an excellent way to combine writing, art, animation, design, and logic into one program.” And that combination on things are all the things we are loving about this game.
  • They are playing a game TOGETHER and not fighting about it! Someone write this down. (I’m talking about my 11+8 yo here.)

So in case you can’t tell, I’m a fan of Bloxels. It’s been a great addition to our game closet. How about you? Have you tried Bloxels?

These little blocks are super enticing for the three-year-old. So to keep her little hands busy, we pulled out her Biggie Perler Beads and a muffin tin. She sorted the colors and it world like a charm.

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