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My kids love to watercolor. They will use watercolors for hours and hours. But watercolors can be tricky for beginners. We’ve been using the same set of watercolor paints for a long time, but we’ve been wanting to explore a little further into liquid watercolors.

Liquid watercolors are so fun to use because you can adjust the colors to exact tone and intensity you want. I loved the idea of playing with liquid watercolors but I was a little nervous to try it on my own. Getting a set of liquid watercolors with no further instructions was a little nerve wracking for me. So when we received Aquarelle from Timberdoodle to review, I was SO excited!

I received Aquarelle from Timberdoodle Company in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Aquarelle: An excellent tool for watercolor beginners!

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Aquarelle and Watercolor for Beginners

What exactly is Aquarelle?

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It’s a liquid watercolor set designed for beginners. And it is perfect for beginners. It comes with several liquid watercolors with droppers so you can easily make your own colors. It also comes the a mixing tray and water dropper for toning down your colors.

The coolest part is that it also includes two prints of famous paintings for you to fill in with your watercolors.  We received the Claude Monet set. Timberdoodle has many different sets including landscapes and animals. Also some sets for young kids too. The kit we tried out works best with ages 8+ I would suggest.

The instructions tell you how to mix your liquid watercolors with water (or other colors) to get exactly the shade you need. Mix 2 drops red + 1 drop yellow + 4 drops water, etc.  


What we liked (and didn’t like) about Aquarelle watercolors

  • This set was wonderful for teaching my kids about the color wheel, mixing colors, tones, and more.
  • They loved trying different techniques that were laid out in the instructions. Layering colors, wet on wet techniques and more were really cool to see.
  • The prints that the kids painted in were neat because the lines were actually white so they became part of the picture instead of creating hard, dark lines. The lines also created a resist so the painting was still really clear.
  • The only thing I was a bit disappointed in was the instructions didn’t give a step by step for painting the print. It would have been nice to see which areas to paint first, second, third and so on.
  • BUT my kids each finished with a beautiful watercolor painting. 🙂

Aquarelle: An excellent tool for watercolor beginners!

We really enjoyed using our Aquarelle kit and would definitely try it again.


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  1. it didn’t sound like it was a very good teaching aid. It sounds more like here, you bought these things and you can make this dolor by doing this but then you where on your own to colot as you seemed fit or felt like it should be. Than’s not what I callinstructions.

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