I am convinced that moving is not just a stressful thing, which it is–but it is one of the most emotional events in our lifetime.  Is that too grand a statement? Maybe just my life?  This is our second cross-country move in just over three years, so I feel like I can say with confidence that yes, moving is one of the most emotional things I will do in my life.
Naturally, I have been reminiscing so much these past weeks–remembering pulling into our development for the first time–being afraid and exhilarated at the same time.  Going on our first hike–Bear Hallow–being nervous about seeing a bear and marveling at the beauty and newness of our surroundings.  The first time we pulled up the Biltmore Estate’s long driveway after a fresh snow.  It looked like Narnia.  It hasn’t lost it’s luster.
Knowing that we only had roughly a month left to be here, we decided to make a list…an Asheville Bucket List…to revisit all our favorite local places.  We made an intense list and did our very best to check it all off.  Everyone added something they loved about Asheville–Jack wanted to go back to the Bush Bean Factory near Pigeon Forge, which was surprisingly really awesome.  I wanted all the food.  Noah wanted the survival store.  Wait, who am I kidding? We all wanted it all.  Because when all is said and done, Asheville has been amazing.  We’ve seen all the cool things–and we wanted to see them all again.

We completed a lot of our list over the last two weeks while Jarrod’s been in MN working.  I’ve cried more times then I can count over the last 14 days–exhaustion, crabbiness, but mostly watching these four experience amazing things in North Carolina.  

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I’ve reread journal entries and blog posts, remembering the good and the bad.  I wonder about what I’ve portrayed here in this space–has it been all the bad and none of the good?  I hope not.  We’ve had a lot of hard days here, there’s no doubt.  But that’s not what I remember.  I remember the good.  I remember our one year anniversary of North Carolina.  I remember Easter’s on Biltmore’s front lawn feeling like I was living a fairy tale.  I remember squeals of joy from kids sliding down God’s waterslide.  I remember parading my family down the streets of Asheville, showing them my new stomping ground–being proud of where we lived and excited to show it off.  I remember our first Bojangles on the Parkway, just looking around me like, “Wow…this is flipping amazing.”  I remember exploring, finding all the new places with my kids, discovering everything together. 
Mostly though, I remember adventuring.

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For three years, we have taken our family on one hell of an adventure.  We’ve rocked the tourist thing like nobody’s business.  We’ve taken advantage of these mountains, the streets of Asheville, the amazing restaurants.  We have lived.  it.   up.  We have no regrets.  Not a one.  We’ve shown our kids what life is like in the mountains of North Carolina and now we’ll show them what it’s like to live in a booming metropolis with a million gorgeous lakes.  They’ll be stronger, better, and braver for it.  Our hearts are officially full to the brim. 
No regrets.
Only ridiculously amazing memories.  

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  1. I am happy that you remember the whole as a happy experience. We personally love the mountains of Western North Carolina as Franklin is our second home, so I know the amazing.

    Thinking of you as y'all head across the country again. Can't wait to read your adventures in Minnesota! xo

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